APB Reloaded gets retail distributor for US

It’s really happening for that APB reboot, APB Reloaded.

Having crashed and burned under the wing of Realtime Worlds, Reloaded Productions’ take on the now-Free2Play game will launch early November, and you’ll be able to pick up a copy in stores thanks to GamersFirst.

Imaginatively-titled publisher Interactive Gaming Software has teamed up with GF in an attempt to “revolutionize retail distribution for Free2Play,” as Rahul Sandil, GF’s Senior Vice President of Marketing puts it.

The boxed version comes with an RRP of $30 as well as $50 worth of in-game items like vehicles and a premium month of enhanced cash-earning.

“The response from retail has been so overwhelming that we are considering launching with a half-million units,” Sandil added.

We’ll see if second time’s the charm for this MMO towards the year’s end.