Apple announces iPad 2, packs cameras, tech, sheds weight

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Apple announcing iPad 2? One better; Steve Jobs announcing iPad 2.

The industry legend took to the stage today, despite illness, to announce the brand new update for Apple’s tablet. iPad 2 will run on a dual-core A5 processor, with a CPU that’s up to twice as fast and a GPU that’s up to 9 times faster than its predecessor.

But that’s not all as you’ll see a few changes to the hardware itself, like the rumored front and back facing cameras, and HDMI that outputs up to 1080p (though you’ll need to buy the $39 cable separately). Despite all of this lovely newness, the device is 33 percent thinner than the old model, and 0.2 pounds lighter. Battery life remains at 10 hours, while standby mode will last over a month.

And finally, the price/launch date; iPad 2 will cost exactly the same as current iPads, starting at $499 for a 16GB Wi-fi enabled model, and shooting all the way up to $829 for a 64GB, 3G enabled model. It launches March 11 in the US, following on March 25 for just about everyone else. The 3DS and iPad 2 go head to heard in Europe, then.

Oh! I forgot the most important thing! It comes in either black or white! White!

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