April gets breached, flashbanged, and taken out by Operation Flashpoint: Red River

[tvgb 253125]

Operation Flashpoint: Red River is closer to release than you think. Codemasters has revealed that their military shooter will be releasing on April 21 in Europe, while the US release is slightly later (for once) on April 26.

On top of that, the team confirmed that story mode, comprised of 10 missions, allows for four player co-op. There’s plenty more where that came from too; Fireteam Engagements mode presents even more missions for four players to complete. One mission sees you fighting off waves of enemies while another has you saving marines from a crashed helicopter. Those are two radical objectives that you will have never done in any videogame ever before.

We’ve got a new trailer up top, too. Plenty of new gameplay clips to enjoy there, and some guy talking about how much he loves war. Try to ignore him.