Aqua Lungers splashes onto Switch

We haven’t had a bit of multi-player madness in a while. I mean, those games you’re going to get the most fun out of with your mates as opposed to single-player experiences with the option to play with others. Think Mario Party and you’ll catch my drift. Speaking of drifts, this is the entire point of this ramble. Aqua Lungers, a game designed around multi-player shenanigans, has just drifted onto your Switch.

Originally a Steam release, Aqua Lungers pits four players off against each other in a race for under-water gold. For centuries, the last great treasures have been lost to the depths as shipwrecks filled the seas with sunken loot. Those wanting their own piece of this treasure must don brightly colored swimsuits and go where few dare.

In Aqua Lungers, players will race through challenging stages while contending with deadly creatures and, of course, each other in a quest to collect the most treasure.

While the goal may be the same for everyone, there are various ways to get the drop on your opposition. Are you going to use speed and agility to outpace your rivals? If the answer is no and you’re looking for more of a brawl, you can always slow them down with a range of devastating attacks and just steal their hard-won gold.

As I’ve mentioned, Aqua Lungers offers a four-player, local split-screen experience for players wanting to get into it with their friends, but what if you want to play solo? Those of you looking for a single-player experience can absolutely find it here. While essentially the same as the “default” game, retaining the gold collecting mechanic, single-player mode increases the penalties for deaths on each level. This shifts the challenge from PVP racing to PVE survival.

This isn’t a small game. In Aqua Lungers, you’re being asked to survive seven massive zones comprising of 21 stages and seven bosses. This should give you more than enough to keep you occupied and add much-needed replayability to your game.

If you’ve been playing on Steam, you’ll get even more for your gaming buck. Improvements that have been made to the Switch version have also been added to your Steam release. These include a new zone with three new levels and its own final boss, as well as level text which has been added to the level select map to help players learn about Aqua Lungers as they progress through the game.

Those of you looking for a new way to one-up your friends on your Switch may well love this title. Interested Steam owners would do well to grab Aqua Lungers now for a fuller experience. All in all, this title definitely sounds like it could be a lot of fun.