ArenaNet reopens sales for Guild Wars 2


Today NCSoft, developer and publisher of Arena Net and the Guild Wars franchise, announced that sales for Guild Wars 2 have re-opened.

Gamers will be able to buy the game from and other retail partners.
Arena Net suspended  sales of Guild Wars2 – on 30th August – to catch up with demand and and ensure that those already playing had the best possible online experience.
Also, Arena Net have been ensuring that the game is ready for the influx of new online players.

This desire, to make sure that Guild Wars 2 delivers, can be seen in this comment from  Mike O’Brien, president and co-founder of Arena Net: “Preserving the customer experience has always been our top priority… We’re supporting  Guild Wars 2 for the long run. We’ll always do what it takes to deliver the best online gaming experience for our customers, even when that means throttling sales.” To mark the occasion, of Guild Wars 2 going back on to the market, Arena Net have issued a call to arms to all gamers in the Our Time Is Now video which you can watch below.