Arkedo working on an XBLA/PSN game… and something else top-secret

Arkedo have got a full-blown XBLA and PSN game up their talented French sleeves… as well as another top secret project.

The Paris-based studio, responsible for DS puzzlers Nervous Brickdown and Big Bang Mini, were thought to be working on the next installment of their Arkedo Series, an experiment in which the studio releases one game per month onto Xbox Live Indie Games.

But it has been months since we heard a peep from the studio. 03 PIXEL! was released in December – immediately followed by a tease of the “Zelda-meets-Geometry Wars04 SLASH! – and an aborted Natal-based prototype was revealed in January, but since then, nothing.

So what have they been up to? Camille Guermonprez, studio head, explained to TVGB that 04 SLASH! has grown into a full-blown XBLA/PSN project.

“The only thing I can say is that we are working on 2 “big” things (for us),” said Guermonprez, “one of them being Arkedo Series 04 gone wild (it is not SLASH! anymore, by the way: we will do it, but later, maybe as 05 or 06). Our current “former 04″ is now going to be a full XBLA/PSN game.”

Intriguing. On the subject of the studio’s other new game, however, Guermonprez remains tight-lipped.

“The other project I am really afraid but we are not allowed to discuss it. It took us years to earn the trust and confidence of such people, we are still amazed that they believe in us, so we will just shut our mouth.”

“We have huge smiles on our faces, and hopefully you’ll have one soon. But for the moment, we cannot say anything.”

The big teases.

Incidentally, if you haven’t tried out any of the Arkedo Series, you really should. 03 PIXEL! in particular is a gorgeous little platformer. We’re really looking forward to what the studio can do on a bigger scale.