Arkham City likely to drop Bats 3 hints

Rocksteady hid a little clue to an Arkham Asylum sequel in their title last year. Oddly, they hid it so well that we only found out about it when the developers themselves told everyone well after Batman: Arkham City had already been revealed. So it’d be fair to assume (even if it’s a little early to do so) that the upcoming title will feature a few juicy drips of info about where the franchise might go next as well.

OPM recently put the idea to developer head Sefton Hill, to which he replied: “One of the key lessons we learned while making Arkham Asylum is that we always create a lot more story than will fit into a single game. Although [Arkham Asylum] felt like a self-contained story, there are a large number of very deliberate hooks that lead into the second game… I don’t believe in holding ideas back.”

Clearly Rocksteady are thinking ahead. Batman: United States of Arkham anyone?