Atari’s servers possibly compromised

The recently reported year-old unauthorized access to Cryptic’s servers may have spread to Atari, the publisher is warning its customers.

“At that time, Atari owned Cryptic and the intrusion may have affected users on Atari’s databases as well,” they write in an email sent out today, saying “proactive measures to correct the issue” are being taken.

As a precaution, and passwords for all users believed to have been affected have been reset.

“We take the security of our user accounts very seriously and are investigating this issue further with Cryptic Studios,” the company further writes, noting that “this was not an intrusion on our existing database, but one that occurred prior to our divestment of Cryptic Studios in July of 2011.

“Cryptic no longer manages Atari’s databases.  Our deepest apologies for the inconvenience.”