Atlas sets sail on the Xbox One with PC crossplay on October 8th


Ahoy matey’s, are ye ready for a swashbucklin’ adventure on the seven seas? Arrr ye ready to plunder booty, never shower, and get severe cases of scurvy? Probably doesn’t sound too appealing, but fear not! Grapeshot Games is taking aim at the Xbox One and launching the most ambitious pirate life simulator this scurvy seadog has ever seen with their game Atlas.

Atlas is an MMO first-person fantasy pirate adventure game that is created by Grapeshot Games, which was founded by Jeremy Stieglitz and Jesse Rapczak; two creators of the hit dinosaur based survival game Ark: Survival Evolved. In Atlas players will build their crew in a world containing up to 40,000 other pirates, customize their own ships in their fleet, hunt down lost treasures, fight other bands of pirates for control of said treasure, or even do battle with mythological sea creatures.

If the sound of an MMO doesn’t match your tastes, but you still want to live in this grand scale pirate world, there are single player and private session modes. There exists a separate PvE in Atlas for players that don’t want to be hassled by their fellow pirates, but instead want to take the fight to the AI controlled enemies of the world. This gives even the most isolated rogue the chance to sail the seas and feel the salty ocean air on their eye patch. 

Atlas combat

Late in 2018 Atlas launched into Steam Early Access, providing critical updates as time went on. The Xbox One version of Atlas will launch day one with PC crossplay on October 8th. The Xbox version of the game will also have mouse and keyboard support to better ensure that the console and PC players are on a more even footing. The new development roadmap of Atlas also will ensure that content updates on both PC and Xbox are pushed at the same time to keep both crowds on the same page. If you play on PC you can check out the Steam page or if you want to read up more on the game you can check out their official website.