Atomicrops is ready to bloom


I never understood the appeal of farming games. I suppose if you want to feel like you’ve done a day’s work without your clothes smelling like manure there is a point to them, but other than that, definitely not my thing. If, however, the plants were all looking for excuses to eat me and I was carrying a rather large gun I’d suddenly start becoming more interested. The game is Atomicrops and it’s going to be putting an entirely new slant on the farming sim.

Due to hit Steam Early Access next week, Atomicrops isn’t your average farming game. For starters, it’s a roguelike that instantly screams replayability, which is good. This game is half charming farming sim and half bullet-hell, which might be less good. Usually combining the words roguelike and bullet-hell equal frenzied bouts of swear inducing mania which is fun and hilarious all at the same time.

In Atomicrops, you will take the role of the owner of the last farm in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. This piece of land was bequeathed by your late grandfather just moments before a nuclear blast vaporised the surrounding countryside. This leaves you as the only food source for your local town. You also have the small problem of bloody hungry mutants roaming the area. Basically, you’ll have to do what any good farmer would: feed the masses, make money and kill anything trying to stop you.

Something that’s quite nice is that those of you willing to pick up your weapons and blast some perennials at launch will get a lovely 50% off the game. You’ll need to note, though, that Atomicrops is entering that Early Access exclusively on the Epic Games Store. That 50% will also only apply to day one purchases. The discount is on a sliding scale and will drop fractionally across the first week of release, so it makes sense to join in early if you want the biggest benefit.

So there you have it. Atomicrops is a farming sim come kill-fest. Sounds like a interesting mix to me. This is the sort of game that might bring a few bullet-hell fans into the sim camp and vice-versa. We shall certainly see what happens come the end of the week.