Avalanche collecting ludicrous statistics from Just Cause 2 players

Just Cause 2 hit store shelves last week, and it’s doing pretty well for itself. There’s a lot of people grappling a lot of things and blowing a lot of stuff (and people) up. To see just how much carnage its customers are causing on Panau island, Avalanche Studios has updated the game’s official website with a ‘gamestats’ section; since launch, players have killed 91 million people, caused 29 million sabotages, and base jumped over 47,000 kilometers, which is longer than the circumference of Earth.

The website is tracking stats from all three versions, and also allows players to compare their own statistics with others.

On top of that, there’s also some website specific achievements, including one which involves driving the distance to the moon. And, players can now upload videos to their profiles to share those moments of destruction with the rest of the world.

So far, the blissful exuberance of this game has me having a ton of fun playing it, and these all sound like excellent additions to the madness that is Just Cause 2.