Award-winning The Outer Worlds coming to Nintendo Switch June 2020

We all love RPG’s for their ability to put us in another world, as another character interacting with people or creatures we have more or less control over. Most RPG’s come in a fantasy package and while there are other world settings for RPG’s most are overshadowed by the looming cliche of fantastical worlds of swords and staves. Well, The Outer Worlds is different.

The Outer Worlds is Obsidian Entertainment’s sci-fi RPG and it’s all and more than what most fantasy RPG’s are these days. Get ready to dive into an outer-space colony and make decisions the will either turn you into a hero or villain. A villain right? I mean come on, these are the decisions society won’t let us make in real life.

the outer worlds marauder

The Outer Worlds is already available for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox but Nintendo Switch players will be happy to know the epic sci-fi RPG is coming to the Switch in June. The Switch version can either be purchased digitally or as a hard copy. My recommendation, get the hard copy. Video games disks and cartridges are going to be worth gold in a not so distant digital-only future.

Unlike other gaming platforms, playing The Outer Worlds on the Nintendo Switch will allow players to take their villain (come on, we’re all playing villains) anywhere: the coffee shop, the car shop, the candy shop, sandboxes, monkey bars, and that nice, quiet little corner of the library. Dealer’s choice.

the outer worlds monster

This a game that teaches there are consequences to the actions and decisions we make. Though it’s not a new concept, having decisions coming back to haunt players is a much-loved game mechanic and it’s nice to see it in a strictly sci-fi setting. And now, Switch owners will be able to enjoy the space adventure just like everyone else. Set aside Animal Crossing and Super Mario and enter a sci-fi world of monsters and madness.

The Outer Worlds will release on the Nintendo Switch June 2020 with an initial patch update that will add hi-rez textures and more. Additional info on The Outer Worlds can be found here.