First gameplay footage of Backbreaker

[dailymotion x5416m]

Today we have got our first visual insight into what it’s actually going to be like to play NaturalMotion’s upcoming American football title, Backbreaker.

The video and screenshots demonstrate one of the title’s minigames, Tackle Alley. Where the runner, that’s you, makes a mad dash for the end zone while opposing tacklers do their best to take you down. What’s remarkable about this minigame I hear you ask? Well, it displays the Euphoria Engine being put to devilishly good use.

If you’ve been in a box the last year or so then you won’t know that the Euphoria is an AI engine that allows for believable and dynamic character animation, meaning that no two tackles, falls or dirty kicks to the groin will ever be the same. Other games making use of the engine include GTAIV and more notably Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.