Bad Company 2 demo hits 3.5 million downloads

Just over a week ago EA announced that the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 demo of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 had been downloaded over 2 million times. With six days left until the demo is removed from the services and support shifted towards the retail game, that number is now 3.5 million and counting.

Anyone’s who’s been playing the demo can be proud that they’ve contributed to the 500 million kills, 100 million vehicle kills, 15 million knife kills, 30 million destroyed vehicles, 10 million head shots and 25 million revives that have taken place since the 360’s demo went live in late January.

Also, buried away at the bottom of the press release was something we hadn’t noticed before — instead of the previously announced March 5 release date, Bad Company 2 is now said to hit European store shelves a day earlier, on March 4.

The North American release is still March 2.