Bad Company 2 “reaching” Uncharted 2’s graphics

DICE are definitely setting themselves up to play with the big boys with Battlefield: Bad Company 2. It wasn’t long ago that they were looking to take on Modern Warfare 2, and now they’re aiming for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

Gordon Van Dyke, one of the game’s producers is the first to admit that the game won’t exactly “beat” Nathan Drake’s adventure in the graphics department, but does think they’re “reaching that level of quality. It’s going to be hard for any game to be able to make a claim that they look better. But we are getting to, I feel, that level, where it’s looking very impressive. When you see it – and I’ve heard other people say it as well, so it’s not just me – other people are saying it’s getting there.”

You might remember just how good Uncharted 2 looked, in fact it’s quite hard to forget, so it’s encouraging to hear DICE are confident enough to compare Bad Company 2 to such a great looking game.

Van Dyke does think there’s one area that DICE has got Naughty Dog beat however, “The thing is though, we have much bigger environments. To even be close, to me is quite an honour as a developer. The one thing I did was, when I looked at their game I was like, damn them! What have they done to the rest of us? I was looking for something where I could say, okay, that we’re doing better. I looked at their vistas, and I think that our vistas, because it’s in game, this is actual in-game terrain you could theoretically take your soldier and walk up to, our vistas are better. Naughty Dog, if you hear this, I challenge you versus our vistas!”

Look for Uncharted 2 level graphics, Modern Warfare 2 beating gunplay, and huge vistas when Battlefield: Bad Company 2 hits March 2nd in America, March 5th in Europe.