Battlefield 3 multiplayer maps downsizing on consoles

Slated to hit shelves later this year, Battlefield 3 has been a topic of much conversation as of late. From our very over first impressions of the game to DICE calling out the competition for being “lazy,” we get excited about any bit of information on the shooter. This news out of the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo is no different.

With the console versions of Battlefield 3 supporting a maximum of 24 players in multiplayer – versus 64 on PC – the developers have announced the scaling down of map sizes to better fit the number of players. No sense in having to run 12 miles to get into the thick of the battle, eh? Stick jockies need not fret though, as those in planes will have free roam of the entire map and won’t be restricted by the smaller boundaries.

The Close Quarters Combat system was explained as well, because what’s the use in having smaller maps if you can’t shank someone. DICE has apparently changed up the one-knife-one-kill thinking on melee attacks, instead offering up button prompts for either hand punches, counter punches, and even throws.