Battlefield 3 Premium 800,000 strong

The Battlefield 3 Premium service revealed at this year’s E3, has amassed an army of over 800,000 soldiers.
The service allows subscribers to gain early access to downloadable content such as the Close Quarters pack which includes new maps, weapons, and modes.
Playstation 3 owners had access to the Premium service a week before PC and Xbox 360 players, but that didn’t stop it from taking off like it did. EA Games vice president Patrick Soderlund has stated that a number like this was uprecedented, and has convinced EA to look into their other titles to implement similar services. Said Soderlund, “We are very pleased with the performance so far.” With such strong numbers like these I’m sure we’ll start seeing other companies follow suit as many have with “Project Ten Dollar”. Perhaps Ubisoft with all of their upcoming releases may present us with a premium service for Splinter Cell: Blacklist or Rainbow Six: Patriots.  Only time will tell.