Battlefield 5 hosts several free weekends throughout October

October means it’s time for Battlefest for the loyal Battlefield fans across the globe. For players of the latest in the series, Battlefield 5, that means all new exclusive skins and weapons tied to timed challenges for players to flex their skills. However, Battlefest is not just a treat for existing players of the game, as Battlefield 5 will be hosting a free weekend event every weekend for the rest of this month, allowing new players to access certain game modes at certain times.

Battlefield 5

The first test drive is on October 10th-13th and allows free weekend players to test the waters on Rush mode. Rush is a classic Battlefield mode that sees players planting and disarming explosives in objective-based games. This trial will also let free weekend players try out the Operation Underground map that was released earlier this month.

The second trial of Battlefest will take place October 17th-20th and shifts focus on the larger infantry-based mode Conquest. Conquest is a staple of the Battlefield series, pitting up to 64 players against each other as two sides try to take control of key points on the map. This weekend will have a limited set of maps available with the aforementioned Operation Underground map with Rotterdam, Devastation, Marita, and Arras in tow.

Battlefield 5

The final trial of the month will take place on October 24th-27th and offer up the largest multiplayer mode available with Grand Operations. This mode is intended to show multi-day skirmishes in an online mode, with different phases and maps to battle across before determining the winner of the battle. This gives a new experience with every game and offers a robust slice of the game.

All of the progress free weekend players accrue over these weekends will apply should they decide to purchase the game at any point. The mode selections are classics and will offer the best at-a-glance view of what Battlefield 5 is at its core. However, it would have been nice to be able to check out the Battle Royale mode, Firestorm, as that has received a lot of hype before the game was released and would likely attract a lot of trial players. More about Battlefield 5  and its game modes can be found at the official website.