Battlefield franchise inching closer to Call of Duty; BF3 sells 15 million copies

Battlefield 3 has sold over 15 million copies, it’s been revealed. Up by 5 million from the 10+ million figure revealed in EA’s fiscal Q3 2012 results, the shooter has been sticking up to the giant that is Call of Duty mighty well then indeed.

Reuters revealed the number in a piece that once more confirmed the much-rumored Battlefield Premium service, due to get its officially-official-and-formal reveal during the publisher’s E3 press conference later today. It’ll cost $50, which will net you all the DLC and some exclusive extras as well. Get the skinny on all that here.

EA’s executive VP Patrick Söderlund has also given hope that the next game in the series could well hit next year, saying that Premium would keep the momentum going for the Battlefield franchise, which ‘won’t have another full game out until at least 2013.’

That may well be wishful thinking on my part, but with Medal of Honor: Warfighter arriving this year, the stage appears set for Battlefield: Bad Company 3 to arrive next fall. Fingers crossed.