Star Wars Battlefront 2 adds co-op and PvE in latest update


2 years after release, Star Wars Battlefront 2 is receiving its largest update which will include a new map, new modes, new skins, and the Clone Commando. On September 25th, the Cooperation Update will bring a litany of new features to EA’s Star Wars based FPS. DICE’s main focus with this update will be toward PVE experiences bringing friends together to fight in the Clone Wars era.

First and foremost, the new modes being added to this game are absolutely going to make a huge impact. Instant Action mode makes its triumphant return; a mode where the player is dropped into an offline large scale combat against AI opponents to take control points on the map. The new Co-op mode allows you to form a squad of 3 other players to fight an AI team for control over map objectives. Both modes will be deployed onto Clone Wars maps with heroes and troopers to match.

These PVE scenarios and modes give more gameplay options to fans of Star Wars that may not enjoy highly competitive multiplayer. These modes will allow a fan to explore the maps and see one of the more graphically impressive videogame representations of the Star Wars franchise. All of this while not having to worry about a seasoned enemy player blowing them away in a hailstorm of blaster fire.

General Kenobi!

Also coming to Star Wars Battlefront 2 is the map Felucia. More keen eyed observers will notice this planet as the site where Aayla Secura’s troops Order 66’d her in Revenge of the Sith. Felucia had also made an appearance during Anakin and Ahsoka’s adventures in the Clone Wars tv show. It’s more of a deep cut for a map, but the site offers plenty of tactical options such as enter-able huts, exploding poisonous fungi, and even a Sarlaac pit of all things.

Star Wars Felucia
Key art from the new map shows the vibrant, swampy terrain

The Clone Commando enters the fray in this upcoming update. The Clone Commando was, of course, a clone of the legendary bounty hunter Jango Fett. The Clones in Battlefront 2 come equipped with a repeating blaster, a wrist mounted repulser for shockwave attacks, and a battle boost that restores health as damage is dealt to enemies. Basically the Clone Commando is the perfect fighting machine and it’s up to the player to erase the legacy of Clone/Storm Trooper bad accuracy and go blast some fools.

Star Wars Battlefront 2’s new Cooperation Update is live on September 25th with promises for even more content later on this year to tie in to the release of The Rise of Skywalker. The new movie paired with these massive content updates, as well as the upcoming Jedi: Fallen Order, are proving that 2019 is an exciting time to be a Star Wars fan. More details about the Cooperation Update can be found at the Battlefront official website here.