Best Buy sells games in vending machine, no diet coke.

God bless Best Buy. Do you know how many times I have been sitting at the airport with my DS, staring at an empty screen and wishing I had a game. Too many times I have had that problem…too many times. Well now, the electronic store has deployed vending machines into airports across the U.S. These aren’t normal vending machines though, these babies are packed full of games. Actually, it’s just DS games and systems, but hey it’s a start!

The games seem to run at retail price, staying at a cool 34.99 for most titles, and will hopefully satisfy the need of on-the-go gamers everywhere. I’m sure that these “Best Buy Express” vending machines seem like a good idea, but you may fail to see the truth in this move by Nintendo and Best Buy. This is the first step in the takeover — they get in our transportation system. Next, they’ll have these boxes in our houses, in our military networks, in our bathrooms. Then they become self-aware and suddenly walk around with pulse rifles and our only hope is John Conn..

Sorry, I get a little ahead of myself. Yay vending machines!