15 Best Faction Servers Minecraft Has To Offer

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This post was last updated on June 1, 2023

Minecraft is a game with endless possibilities, and when you combine this factor with multiplayer, it’s grounds for a huge amount of fun. Faction servers are a fantastic way to enjoy the excitement of competition in minecraft, but there are so many to choose from – some are pretty bad, while others are fantastic.

This article shows you a list of the best minecraft factions servers. We’ve scoured the net to separate the diamonds from the dirt, so you can jump straight into a high-quality faction server and start kicking butt (or maybe you’ll get owned instead…).

What are Faction Servers in Minecraft

What are Faction Servers in Minecraft?

Faction servers are multiplayer servers that run a specific faction game mode. This is one of the most popular competitive game modes out there in minecraft today.

Essentially players can choose one of many factions. The factions compete for control and resources on the map, working as teams to dominate and defeat the enemy factions.

The 15 Best Faction Servers

1. MassiveCraft Factions

best faction servers minecraft, header, MassiveCraft Factions

Server Address: Massivecraft.com

The MassiveCraft server is renowned for being the first dedicated Minecraft faction server. As far as Minecraft servers go, this is one of the most advanced and detailed in terms of factions. Unlike other Minecraft faction servers, MassiveCraft uses a bunch of upgrades, additions, and plugins which improve the experience beyond standard vanilla minecraft. A cool feature of this server is the use of custom minecraft biomes, which bring a new level of excitement to the world.

Besides faction game modes, MassiveCraft also has a bunch of adventure maps and other challenges. Being the original faction server, this is easily one of the best out there.

2. OPBlocks

best faction servers minecraft, OPBlocks

Bedrock Address: top.opblocks.com

Java Address: play.opblocks.com

OPBlocks is one of the oldest and most popular minecraft servers, with an amazing community and a bunch of cool game modes and maps. This server is also known for pioneering factions modes back in the early days and has a bunch of other awesome game modes to enjoy too. OPBliocks features a player-focused economy where you can trade currency for gear, custom enchants, and a bunch of other cool items.

The factions game mode is well-designed and offers dynamic factions with customizable server plots and territories. This is a fantastic competitive server all around, and in general, is one of those online servers that every Minecraft player should check out at some point.

3. Purple Prison

best faction servers minecraft, Purple Prison

Server Address: purpleprison.org

Purple prison is a competitive server that offers a bunch of exciting games – including the beloved community prison game modes. This is one of the most popular servers in the Minecraft community and offers a broad range of competitive games with unique features. The factions modes let you team up with your friends and create a powerful faction team.

The prison game mode is also a lot of fun, and can be played alone or with a team!

4. Mana Cube

best faction servers minecraft, Mana Cube

Server Address: play.manacube.com

The Mana Cube server offers a slightly different type of Minecraft faction experience. This uses the same basic principles although adds a few extra mechanics to make the gameplay more interesting. All the factions earn power points by completing tasks and objectives – these points can then be spent on buying extra gear, faction upgrades, and weapons, or letting them claim lands to become part of their territory.

There are a bunch of other team-based mini-games on the server which is a fun way to compete with other minecraft players on the server.

5. Advancius Network

Advancius Network

Server Address: mc.advancius.net

While the starting gear isn’t much to get excited about, the overall design of this server is sweet and worth checking out! That said, you do get given some keys which can be used to unlock some secret treasure rooms.

The key to succeeding in this faction server is to get to the end dimension. This is where a larger amount of treasure and chests can be found, which will give your faction an advantage in the overworld. Besides these quirks, the Advancius network provides a fantastic faction server experience.

6. LemonCloud


Server Address: lemoncloud.net

The LemonCloud server has been around since 2014 and is another highly populated and well-maintained server. The factions game mode is well thought out and is enhanced by the extensive plugins and mods included in the server package. We particularly enjoyed the OP Factions mode, where you can unlock a range of superpowered items which give you a huge advantage over your enemies. These OP weapons are a lot of fun to mess around with and make this easily one of the best minecraft faction servers to play on.

7. MoXMC


Server Address:moxmc.net

MoxMC is another hugely popular Minecraft server with some well-thought-out factions functions. This is one of the best Minecraft servers to play if you want to dedicate a lot of time to the same server – as it has a bunch of level tracking and ranking features. You can join any of the pre-existing factions, or start your own. Factions are given more points for the amount of territory that they hold – meaning that the server’s player base gets very competitive!

8. JartexNetwork

Server Address: topf.jartex.fun

The Jartex Network is another fun variety server with a unique take on the faction game mode. Unlike many other servers, the faction mode here gives you a bunch of items to start with, speeding up the gameplay. It also includes unlockable faction perks that increase your character’s abilities to give you a competitive edge.

9. InsanityCraft

Server Address: top.insanitycraft.net

InsanityCraft is a more recent server, although it’s quickly become a community favorite thanks to the high amount of maintenance and attention given by the hosts. In factions mode, you are given a decent amount of starting gear, including iron armor and diamonds. It also features a money system and rank advancements, which give a fun amount of progression.

InsanityCraft includes some other cool features, like quests with big rewards, unique customized items, modded mobs and entities, fast travel, custom enchantments, and more. This also features integrations with the Mc MMO plugin, so if you want to level up your character, here is a great place to do it!

Another quirky feature is the upgraded fishing system, where you can use a range of different rods to catch new fish mobs!

10. Cosmic PvP

Server Address: cosmicpvp.com

Cosmic PVP is a uniquely styled minecraft server that moves away from the standard vanilla theme. unlike most minecraft faction servers, Cosmic PvP uses a space theme, full of cool custom space creations and modified mobs. This faction server splits the faction maps into two separate planets – The Dungeon Planet and The Lava planet. Each of these offers a unique theme to play Minecraft factions in.

11. Snapcraft

Server Address: snapcraft.net

Snapcraft is another standout factions server that is highly balanced. Unlike many others, you can actually survive this as a solo player – you don’t have to be part of a group. It lets you add a relationship status with other players to make friends or enemies too! You can join teams, build custom plots, raid other factions, or go on hunts to discover hidden treasures. It has a welcoming community and works with the latest Minecraft version – so you have no excuses to try it! This isn’t a cracked minecraft server, so the only limit is that you need a legitimate Minecraft account – it’s not too much to ask though!

12. BlockDrop

Server Address: mc.blockdrop.org

With 6 other game modes, BlockDrop is a popular server with a nicely made factions mode.

It features three available dimensions to explore in the faction mode – the overworld, the nether, and the end. All of these are managed by the same score system, which lets you unlock weapons, armor, and ranks. The higher you level your factions rank, the more upgrades you’ll have access to.

It also has a separate system that uses virtual in-game currency to buy items from shops. You can earn the currency by advancing your faction’s territory, killing enemies, and completing other tasks for your team.

13. MineMalia

Server Address: play.minemalia.com

MineMalia is a well-featured and welcoming server with a wide range of activities and upgrades. A unique feature of this server is the integration with McMMO – a plugin that lets you level up skills and unlock extra abilities based on how much time you spend doing certain activities.

This server also gives you a load of starting gear to make new players’ lives easier.

14. Complex Vanilla

Server Address: hub.mc-complex.com

Complex Vanilla is another popular Minecraft server that features factions, alongside a range of other game modes. This server’s mini-games are also some of the most fun and entertaining out there and stand out amongst other servers.

15. FruitsCraft

Server Address: play.fruitscraft.com

Fruitscraft is another faction server worth checking out. It has a bunch of other modes too, although often not as much population as some of the others on this list.

Closing Thoughts

There are tons of different faction servers out there, and this list has shown you the best options. Faction servers can be one of the funniest types to play, and make some thrilling, addictive competition. As soon as you get engaged with a faction, you’ll soon have your loyalties tested and want to advance your faction’s level and territory.

FAQs About Minecraft Faction Servers

Which Minecraft Server has Factions?

A bunch of different Minecraft servers has faction game modes. Some of the top picks are MassiveCraft, Cosmic PvP, and OPBlocks – but yous should check out the full list in the guide above.

What is the #1 Minecraft Server?

The most popular, #1 Minecraft server is easily Hypixel. This server always has the largest population and is held in high regard in the Minecraft community.

What is the Oldest Minecraft Factions Server?

MassiveCraft claims to be the oldest Minecraft faction server, which is a fair claim given they were the first large server to be hosting this game mode, all the way back in 2012. The server hosts are the original creators of a bunch of powerful factions plugins which are now used by many other faction’s servers.