Cheap Gaming Desk with 3 Monitors on Top

This post was last updated on: Sunday, July 1, 2020

We know the routine: you’re looking for something that will get the job done well and won’t cost you a fortune. This is really the holy grail of shopping for almost anything.

But, when you’re looking for the best cheap gaming desk to house your console or new PC, there are some things that you should take into consideration and have at the bare minimum.

Yes, it’d be great if all of these had ergonomic options, were height-adjustable, or were excellent for cable management, but that might not be possible when working on the cheap.

The desk must, though, be able to support a good amount of weight. It should also have a lot of surface area, and be relatively easy to set up.

There are thousands of choices out there and it’s going to take time to look at them all.

It’s with the above in mind that we created this roundup piece. This article will give you a fantastic overview of what we think your best bets are when it comes to buying a cheap gaming desk that functions great, looks awesome, and is sensitive to your budget.

The Best Budget and Cheap Gaming Desk for Your Needs

01. The Best Gaming Desk Under $100: Ameriwood Home Dakota

Dakota L-Shaped Desk with Bookshelves, Espresso
7,323 Reviews
Dakota L-Shaped Desk with Bookshelves, Espresso
  • Maximize your home office space with the Ameriwood Home Dakota L-Shaped Desk
  • Constructed of laminated particleboard and MDF with an espresso finish
  • This Desk fits perfectly in a corner or up against any wall and features a large top surface, extra side storage and grommet holes to keep your cords tangle free

This is a desk listed at a price significantly less than what you would expect when you first see it.

The Ameriwood Home Dakota is an attractive wood-like l-shaped desk that has two open shelves at the end to house your console accessories.

The large desktop surface has wire grommets on both sides to keep the cord clutter down, and is a tremendous help for wire management.

These are the pros:

  • Gorgeous espresso finish
  • Amazing price point
  • Large surface
  • Storage shelf at the end of the return
  • Easy to assemble

Now, let’s check out the cons:

  • Doesn’t always include an instruction manual for putting it together
  • Made of particle board
  • Not reversible


This is the cheapest option on our list, and looks pretty darn good for a budget option. While I can’t speak for the lifespan of it, it’s really hard to turn away something this affordable.

02. Another Good Cheap Desk for Gaming: BHG

BHG L Shape Computer Desk, Black
143 Reviews
BHG L Shape Computer Desk, Black
  • Includes parts, tools and instructions for easy assembly .
  • The middle of the desk is curved which allows the desk to bend in an L shape providing additional space to work. The desk is supported by gray metal that has been arranged in an architectural form to...
  • Desk is reversible. Flexible configuration options allow you to assemble L shape on both right and left side. Slide-out keyboard shelf with safety stop allows you to use your standard size keyboard...

The BHG is a corner desk design that can fit into some tight spaces, yet can still yield a good amount of surface area.

The most pleasing aspect of the BHG is just how well the desk is put together. Everything you place on the desk will be within arm’s reach, and the shape allows for maximum useable space while taking up the least amount of room.

Another great feature is the ability to flip the “return” side of the desk to either the left or the right.

Furthermore, the additional upper shelf is the perfect spot to house your console or an extra monitor.

Pros of the BHG L desk:

  • Slide-out keyboard shelf
  • Upper shelf on the desk is a handy place for housing consoles, monitors, or any other equipment you need to place on the desk
  • Reversing the sides of the desk is simple and takes very little time
  • You have the option to choose from three different color packs (black, brown, and birch)
  • Of course, this is a budget-friendly desk
  • You can opt to keep the upper shelf off of the desk if you don’t want to have it on the desk

Now let’s take a look at the cons of the BHG:

  • There is no cable management system, and because the desk is so thin, there is nowhere to hide your cables either
  • According to reports, desk assemble can be a little tedious
  • The stabilizer bars are placed a little too low, so the desk may wobble if there’s too much weight


This is a fantastic option for smaller setups with one system and one monitor. Well, two monitors if you utilize the optional top shelf.

The metal bars for a frame adds some much-needed stability, however the placement of the stabilizing bars is a tad perplexing. Had they placed them a few inches higher and made them a little bit thicker, this desk would be infinitely more stable than it is now.

03. Stylish Cheap Desk for Gaming: OneSpace 50-JN110500 Ultramodern

OneSpace Ultramodern Glass L-Shape Desk, Black and Clear
155 Reviews
OneSpace Ultramodern Glass L-Shape Desk, Black and Clear
  • Sleek, space-saving design fits any home or work office decor; ideal for corner placement
  • 3-piece clear tempered safety Glass surface with room to multi-task
  • Includes Universal CPU stand that fits seamlessly underneath for added space efficiency

If you enjoy a chic, modern looking set of furniture (especially one with a glass top), then the One Space is a perfect fit.

The OneSpace comes in three different color options: a black frame with black glass, a black frame with clear glass, and a silver frame with clear glass.

Beware of the black glass though, if you scratch the bottom of the glass, the black paint will come off, and you’ll have clear glass instead (you can easily fix this with some black paint though).

The desk comes with a pullout keyboard tray, and you can place it on either side. Setup can also be reversed to accommodate both right- and left-handed individuals.

Here is a look at the pros:

  • Ability to reverse the desk will come in handy if you ever need to move the desk to the opposite wall
  • Sturdy frame allows you to load this desk up with gaming and computing equipment
  • Slide out keyboard tray that can be placed on either the left or the right side of the desk
  • Chic, modern-looking design
  • Everything you need for assembly, including the screwdriver is included in the box

These are the cons of the One Space:

  • The suction cups are not strong enough to reliably hold the glass tops in place, and you may spend some time trying to put the glass back where it belongs
  • The CPU stand is not intended to be used with high-end gaming PCs


Generally, glass tops are not preferred for a few reasons.

First up is the rage quit, which makes having glass anywhere a liability. Then, glass collects and that dust accumulation can mess with equipment.

With that being said, this is a great inexpensive option that looks pretty sexy.

04. Good Glass Gaming Desk: Z-Line Belaire

Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk
1,455 Reviews
Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk
  • Sleek L-Shaped Glass Desk From Z-Line Designs; Ideal For Corner Placement
  • Sturdy Metal Frame With Reinforced Plates On Welding Joints; Black Powder Coat Finish
  • Clear 6Mm/5Mm Tempered Glass On Desktop, Display Shelf, And Slide-Out Keyboard Tray; Made In China

The Z-Line is our pick for the best cheap gaming computer desk.

While it doesn’t have everything a higher-end option might, what you do get here is some fantastic bang for your buck.

Not only does it have ample space, it looks great and is exceptionally stable to boot. Oh yeah, and the keyboard tray is made of glass as well – pretty cool huh?

Just like most other glass options, the glass top can slide around. This can be remedied by getting some stronger suction cups at your local hardware store.

Let’s check out the pros of the Z-Line:

  • All-glass design looks amazing
  • It utilizes 6 mm tempered glass that is strong enough to hold up and support heavy gaming and computer equipment
  • The wide surface area lets you set up multiple monitors
  • Removable keyboard tray
  • Reversible desk
  • Supports medium to large gaming setups

These are the cons:

  • The glass slides around on the suction cups (we discussed a fix to this earlier)
  • It takes a little more time and effort to assemble this than other desks that are not made of glass
  • No cable management system
  • The manufacturer has stickers on the glass that is nearly impossible to get off


Maybe we spoke too soon when we said that glass options aren’t that good for gaming. This desk is actually very good, and considering the price tag on it, this may be the best on our list.

You can comfortably fit three monitors on this baby, and one of the monitors can be pretty big (in gaming monitor terms). All your peripherals will fit, and won’t cause any clutter.

05. The Budget Gaming Desk with Quick and Easy Setup: Origami RDE-01

Origami Folding Computer Desk for Office Study Students Bedroom Home Gaming and Craft | Space Saving...
2,154 Reviews
Origami Folding Computer Desk for Office Study Students Bedroom Home Gaming and Craft | Space Saving...
  • Opens and folds in less than 60 seconds
  • Removable tabletop for lightweight moving
  • No assembly required. No tools required for set up

Sometimes a bare bones package is the way to go, and the Origami is just that.

The Origami RDE is aptly named. It is a folding desk that can be assembled and disassembled in a matter of seconds. This means you can break your desk down and stow it away when you need some extra space (say if you have guests over).

Because this is a foldaway design, there is zero assembly required to set the Origami RDE up.

Let’s take a look at some of the good things you can expect with this:

  • Very good price point
  • Great for smaller rooms
  • The lower shelf located on the bottom is perfect for putting your PC or game consoles
  • Folds away for easy storage
  • Requires no assembly, just fold it out and set it up
  • Amazingly, this desk can hold 250 pounds without batting an eye
  • Has caster wheels for easy rolling

Now let’s look at some of the cons of the RDE desk:

  • Pretty bare-bones
  • Strong enough to hold a lot, but cannot support multiple monitor setups
  • No cable management


If you want something that is quick and easy to put together, doesn’t require any work, and can be disassembled in seconds, then the Origami RDE-01 is a perfect fit for you.

Factor in the low price you can pick it up for, and you’ve got yourself a great, compact wallet-friendly gaming desk.

The Best Cheap Gaming Desks: Our Top Choice

We’ve discussed several different inexpensive desk options, and one stood out above the rest: the Z-Line Belaire.

The ability to have up to three different monitors is something that none of the other desks on this list were capable of doing, and that in itself puts the Z-Line above the rest.

As long as it fits in your designated space, this is really the best affordable gaming desk on the market today.

Inexpensive Desks for Gaming: What’s the Most Important Thing to Look For?

The most important thing to keep in mind when shopping for a desk is what the maximum payload capacity is. If it can’t even support your system and peripherals, it’s not going be a good solution for you.

You should also take into consideration any weight increases from upgrades you make in the future. Do you want to eventually add an extra monitor? If so make sure the desk you purchase has enough space to handle that.

Then there’s the size of the desk compared to the space that you have available. For the most part, this shouldn’t be an issue, as many of the cheaper gaming desk options out there tend to be smaller in size.

You should also try to find an option that has a metal frame. Some affordable desks use thin sheets of particle board, which may not be the sturdiest. Particle board is notoriously weak, and it will start to give out. Desks with metal frames are going to be more stable.

What Not to Do When Buying

The first thing you need to do is manage your expectations: you are shopping for a product that is typically very expensive.

Then, please don’t go and buy the first desk you see that fits your budget. Take the time to do your research. Will it fit in your space? Is there enough room on the desk to put everything you want?

In Closing

That should just about cover everything you need to know in order to make an educated decision on your journey to purchasing a great cheap desk for gaming.

If you found an option that we didn’t cover, please drop us a line in the comments below! Else, check out our list of even more gaming computer desks.