15 Best Minecraft Education Edition Mods and How to Get Them

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This post was last updated on June 1, 2023

Minecraft education edition is a special variation of the game that is designed to help users learn about computers, programming, technology, and game design.

Unlike the basic version of the game, the education edition contains a range of features that make it more suitable as a teaching tool, rather than simply a game (although your teacher might still tell you off if they catch you blocking it up in the middle of a maths lesson…).

Just like the normal version the education edition also can be modded letting users expand the basic functionality of the game by adding or changing features. This is a great way to bring some fresh spice to Minecraftia!

Keep reading to find out some of the best Minecraft education edition mods on the web!

What is Minecraft Education Edition?

The Minecraft Education Edition game is a variation of the main game which has been designed for education purposes. While games are fun, they can also be used to teach people concepts and skills – which is why the Education edition has been designed in a certain way.

This version can be used to teach a range of topics, including science, technology, engineering, maths, computer programming, humanities, and much more. Who knew that the old block game would become such a powerful classroom tool?

It also includes over 600 built-in, pre-made lessons to make teachers’ lives easier – yippie!

The 15 Best Minecraft Education Edition Mods – Customize Your Game!

It’s worth noting that you can’t install every standard Java edition mod in the Education edition. You can only expand the game with Mojang-approved add-ons.

That said, these can still bring a bunch of extra features and modes to the game.


minecraft education edition mods, FURNICRAFT 3D

This Minecraft Education edition mod adds a huge amount of new furniture blocks to Minecraft to help you decorate your world. From spatulas to drumkits, toilets to TVs and PCs, Furnicraft gives you almost any kind of home decor you can imagine – you can literally throw the kitchen sink in there! (Pun intended…) This is something that is sorely missed from the vanilla game and is a must-have for Minecraft home builders.

2. SERP Pokédrock 1

minecraft education edition mods, SERP Pokedrock 1

The SERP Pokédrock is a fun mod for Pokémon lovers. This mod for the Minecraft education edition adds a whole Pokémon system to Minecraft. It’s exactly as fun as it sounds – gotta block ’em all!

With all the classic Pokémon you can imagine, your Minecraft world will soon be full of Squirtles and Caterpies for you to catch in a pokéball. Includes controller support!

3. New Player Animation

The name of this mod pack pretty much describes exactly what you can expect from it. This add-on gives you a whole new range of character animations to enjoy, including running, swimming, sneaking, bending over, and many more!

4. Actual Guns 3D

Actual Guns 3D

While the medieval aesthetic of Minecraft might not be for everyone, this mod pack brings guns and other modern weaponry to the game. if you’re a fan of classic shooting games, this will bring minecraft one step closer to your tastes.

5. More Tools Addon

This pack brings a bunch of new tools into the game. While they all use the same base tool designs (shovels, pickaxes, swords, etc), it adds 7 new materials which tools can be crafted from, adding new and more powerful gear to your toolkit and bringing more progression to the game!

6. Mutant Creatures Add-on

Mutant Creatures Add-on

Bleuuuuurghhh! If Minecraft’s mobs aren’t scary enough for you, this pack of creepy mutants should get your heart beating again!

7. True Survival – Zombie Apocalypse (V10.5 Climbing Zombie Update)

True Survival - Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie games are one of the most popular types in the gaming community, and for good reason – they’re a lot of fun to play. This converts Minecraft into a zombie survival sim, and adds a bunch of new zombie-related items, weapons, and mechanics.

Honorable Mentions!

There are literally thousands of mods available for Education Edition. We can’t go into detail about all of them, so here is a selection of the other best mods you can find for Minecraft Education!

  1. SCP Foundation Add-on V3
  2. Lance Furniture Beta – Advanced Security Cameras!
  3. Ben 10 Add-on V4.0
  4. Expansive Fantasy
  5. Jurassic Craft Add-on
  6. Backpacks Add-on
  7. Dracomalum
  8. True Backpack v1.17

Check out this website to browse for other Minecraft Education edition add-ons. Not all mods are amazing, so we picked out this selection of the best hits.

Alternatively, you can find a few mods on the official Minecraft website – Link Here!

How to Install Mods for Minecraft Education Edition

Installing mods and add-ons for Minecraft is pretty simple. After you download mods you want to use, follow these steps to add them to Minecraft:

  1. Open Minecraft
  2. Click play
  3. Navigate to “Import”
  4. Now, copy and paste your chosen mods into the opened folder
  5. Then you can enable or disable the mods for your next session.

Note, if you are using a school computer then you might not have permission to download and install mods. Check with your system administrator if you have issues!

Check out the official guide for more info!


With this list of mods, you’ll be able to enjoy an expanded version of Minecraft’s Education Edition.

Minecraft is a sweet game just in pure vanilla mode, but these mods just go to show how far the engine can be pushed. These mods will give you a million other ways to play Minecraft, no matter how you like to play your games!

FAQs About Minecraft Education Edition Mods

Can you get Mods on Minecraft Education Edition?

You can get mods for the Education edition of Minecraft, well… kind of. While the majority of mods only work for the Java edition of Minecraft you can actually still use a range of add-ons that expand the way the game works – yay!

Is Minecraft Education Edition Legit?

Yes, Minecraft Education Edition is a legit version of the game, and is developed by both Mojang and Microsoft – the owners of the game… Calm down!