Best Minecraft Modpacks [17 Top Picks]

This post was last updated on November 1, 2023

Minecraft is about discovering infinite possibilities in an endless world that you can build to be your very own. Many Minecraft players create worlds from a blank canvas, while others use tools to build new things or improve existing ones. You can create your own adventure with friends, explore amazing places, battle enemies, experience adventures together, fight mobs or relax by a blocky fire. In the world of Minecraft, anything is possible.

Well, with some limitations. But you can break the limits of vanilla Minecraft with Minecraft mods!

The best Minecraft modpacks are modifications that add new content to a Minecraft game, including items, blocks, and worlds. Some of these also change how existing things work, like adding new mobs or bosses, new areas like alien planets, or changing how a sword swings. There are thousands of mods for various game versions; some are compatible with others, and many allow the user to pick and choose their favorite mods to use at the same time.

Here are a few popular mods that really help complete the Minecraft experience, no matter what kind of player you are. You don’t have to use just one modpack, either—many of them can be combined with more mods to add other new features and combinations to the game.

Advanced Wizardry

The Advanced Wizardry Mod Pack is designed to offer a very challenging gameplay experience with immersive features. The continuation of the player’s journey will always beckon them, drawing them deeper into its depths. This pack full of magic mods encompasses everything you need: schools of magic, rare trade resources, and an ability to summon powerful entities to aid in your quests. Stay vigilant as you craft potions while battling hordes of powerful foes looking for that one elusive ingredient!

You’ll have access to plenty of new buildings with tons of rooms perfect for research or wizardry training! And quite possibly some little forgotten corners where you can find some long-hidden treasure and wonders waiting for brave adventurers like yourself!

Agrarian Skies 2

Minecraft Mod Pack: Agrarian Skies 2 is the perfect pack for anyone who wants to be challenged and break any conventional Minecraft idea of what a vanilla game would look like. With this single mod pack, you will struggle for resources, making mining and chopping trees essential to give you a fighting chance against the Jaded One’s onslaught.

The ultimate challenge awaits as skyblock quests offer up new tasks and new challenges that all have an opportunity to reveal rare items and coins – even early access keys! This pack doesn’t just change Minecraft gameplay; it changes mindsets with three difficulty modes (easy mode, normal mode, and challenge mode). Dare something different? Brave the dark forest or the hostile desert plains webbed in brambles waiting to snare

All the Mods 6 Vanilla Minecraft Modpack

All the Mods is a well-rounded collection of items and blocks that have been thoroughly tested for stable builds. It’s much deeper than Vanilla Minecraft without changing the basic feel of the game, so it’s the best Minecraft modpack for a traditional experience. All The Mods pack has all the basics you may be looking for with some newer or lesser-known mods. You can obtain all of them by figuring out how to make an ATM Star!

FTB Modpack Academy

Look forward to hours of fun and learning at the world’s first post-apocalyptic pre-school, FTB Academy! The quest-based progression system starts new players off right with a custom-built school that will ease them into the game in a compelling way. FTB is the biggest Minecraft modpack producer, with tons of popular adventures you can add to expand your world. But before you do, make sure to get started with the FTB Academy.

This FTB modpack for beginners features tons of easy-to-install Minecraft modpacks so you can bolster spells with Thaumcraft 3, build fantastic machines with Extra Utilities 2 and explore the groundbreaking options presented by Railcraft. Imagine building amazing tools like magical drills or highly advanced teleporters during class time because anything goes when it comes to your education at FTB Academy!


Hexxit is a dungeons modpack for Minecraft, which has much more interesting mining mechanics and new recipes for crafting weapons, armor, and other useful items than vanilla Buildcraft. The atmosphere is darker than the default, and there are also little hidden details everywhere!

Hexxit’s Minecraft mods aim at giving you the sense of an epic adventure with dungeons, ruins, and interactivity anywhere. You can become the hero of your own story in a world that offers endless opportunities to explore, conquer and create.

MC Eternal

There are challenges aplenty in the MC Eternal Minecraft Modpack. With hardcore progression elements, hardcore mobs and beatable bosses galore, this modpack has it all. Whether you prefer playing as a scientist, builder or adventurer there is something here for everyone to enjoy.

What sets MC Eternal apart from others? Hundreds of tinkers construct materials include over 750 quests that have more coming all the time along with customizable multifaceted factories that can be as simple or overly complicated as you want them to be!

The Pixelmon Modpack

Pixelmon turns Minecraft into the world of Pokemon. All 893 Pokémon up through Generation VIII are included! You can catch wild Pokémon for future use in battle or just as friends by doing battles against them or running into them at spawn points, trade your caught Pokémons with players.

If you have no friends nearby who play the Pixelmon mod, then it’s time to bust out some trading skills on the worldwide player directory – where any registered trainer can list their username and offer up their Pokémon for trade.

Poké Balls can be purchased in Poké Marts (spawn in towns) in exchange for PokéDollars, just as they are in the games. However, Poké Balls can also be crafted after the player acquires Apricorns and iron through many methods, including exploring our beautiful world–long live exploration! Also offers a BoP patcher for Biomes O Plenty compatibility.

Project Ozone 3

Thinking you’ve seen it all in Minecraft? Think again! With Project Ozone 3, you will have to work a little harder than before. There are many new blocks and ores for hardcore crafters, Skylands for players looking for different challenges, or even nothing but exploration. The possibilities are endless with this modpack that supports new modes as they become available, ensuring your gameplay is fresh every time. You can combine with mods to add Titan mode, the prestige system, or loads of other content. You won’t be able to put it down once you start playing Minecraft with all the options this pack has to offer!

RLCraft Modpack

RLCraft is a mod pack that offers players the chance to experience Minecraft in its truest form: realism. This mod includes RPG elements and quests and adventuring opportunities for those who like to explore afar. You have control over your own features, with customization at your fingertips through MC Edit or MCEdit – just install the plugins!

For all you know-it-alls out there, this means RLCraft presents you with more challenges than ever before; it’s up to you how much forethought goes into actually solving them. Never has Minecraft felt so realistic! This modpack is compatible with a wide range of graphic settings, so get ready to build some powerful contraptions with the most realistic graphics you’ve ever seen in the base game.


Retrace the civilization of our far past, the roots of man in an environment that no longer exists. Build, explore, and discover new ways to create a fresh world full of life. The grass may not grow atop the stone, but it will feed you below if you tend well to your crop. Get rid of the weeds behind you and give back what she took who does not roam further than see. Nature is patient and resilient – she always finds a way home when freed. Who are we to stand in her way?

Regrowth is set in a post-apocalyptic world that has been reclaimed by nature. Find a place to settle and begin your journey through the ages, unlocking the secrets of this world one age at a time. Collect resources and build, create tools for farming or fight against those who seek to dominate you and control all there is. Make your own way through the world, connect with the people on your server or live in solitude; do whatever it takes to thrive against those who have destroyed our once-great civilization and are threatening to take back what we’ve rebuilt.


Are you an explorer, a tinkerer, or are you just trying to survive? Whatever your purpose, one of the most powerful packs in Minecraft is waiting for you! Revelation includes hundreds of hours’ worth of material, both old and new. With over 70 different mods available (or 106 with updates), there’s no limit to what type of player this pack catered to. Focusing on exploration along with magic and technology all wrapped up into one neat package, be warned–you won’t get bored any time soon!

Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons

Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons Addon Pack for Minecraft is absolutely perfect if you’re a fan of dungeon crawlers or roguish tales. Prepare to explore dungeons, but don’t relax too much: mobs will also get stronger as you grow stronger. Want to complete quests, fight monsters, and build for hours? This pack has everything you need!

With this pack, you can slay evil mobs and creatures in the depths of many dangerous dungeons. Mix four maps filled with lush jungles, sprawling wastelands, abandoned cities, and moonlit swamps while choosing from seven classes! With each dungeon you conquer from randomly generated levels, there is always stronger gear.

Explore over 550 different spells and choose your favorite one among many diverse primary weapons like a spear or bow to more powerful armors, which will offer better protection and draw the attention of enemies as they try to get closer and finish the job!

SevTech: Ages

SevTech is a modpack centered around progression and discovery! In this pack, you’ll unlock advanced content as you explore the world. You’ll start to notice new items appearing as you progress through different ages. And to access even more hidden content, you will need to find keys created by other mods! This challenging but fun pack awaits those who dare adventure into SevTech: Ages!

The journey to SevTech: Ages is difficult, as the player will have to battle monsters at every turn – and not just any normal mob. The difficulty of each monster depends on your progress in the game, which means that you are in danger of getting severely wounded or even killed if you don’t have adequate tools or proper skills.

In the beginning, you’ll find yourself struggling to survive. You will have to break the soil and manage your supplies carefully! As you gather materials and advance through ages, you’ll notice both physical changes in the environment and the NPCs that inhabit it. The ore veins of clay, copper, and tin provide a small but significant source of protection while drastically improving your resilience against natural forces.

Sky Adventures

The Sky Adventures Minecraft modpack is perfect for players who want to start strong and get playing quickly. With increased crafting and progress speeds, this modpack will have you building a home with Project-E in no time! Dive deep into all mods’ tech and magic trees, and even explore bee breeding with Ex Nihilo! 

For those looking for a more story-driven experience, they’ve slowed progression down slightly but made sure to include dozens of quests that won’t make your adventure feel linear.

SkyFactory 4

Sky Factory 4 is back again with another round of modded skyblock fun! This iteration offers players over 30+ world types to play the pack like never before. Some are based on classic trees on dirt, while others contain unique recipes and advancements. Resource Trees provide the player with a built-in progression system and choose what resources they want to produce from an open menu system. Unlock mods, items, mechanics through an open progression system as you level up in complexity, all for the sake of not letting your boredom set in!

Space Astronomy 2

Ever wanted to go into space? Well, now you can explore the universe by reaching new heights ever. Do you have what it takes for adventure in our solar system and beyond? With Space Astronomy 2, the sky is literally not the limit! With galactic advancements, technology, and of course, new mobs, you’ll quickly find yourself on the outside looking in as the universe reveals its true beauty.

Valhelsia 3

Valhelsia 3 is a modpack designed to attract all sorts of players, with an introversion-friendly pack that is great for building and creative exploration. Play as expertly crafted villagers, animals that can be bred without creepers, or explore the land with Val’s buddies on your quest to find the Holy Sword named Excalibur. Build up a city together!

Experienced veteran players will feel right at home in this fully stocked classic vanilla Minecraft experience from map makers who care not to break any gameplay elements such as monsters spawning naturally during nighttime. Newer, less adept players will appreciate the smaller learning curve and lack of complicated mods they aren’t familiar with – perfect for when you’re just getting started on this exciting new adventure.