40+ Best Minecraft Texture Packs: The Ultimate Graphical Refresh

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This post was last updated on November 1, 2023

If you go wild for gorgeous graphics, then Minecraft might not get you massively excited from how it looks using the standard textures. Sure, it’s a great game in terms of concept, gameplay, and mechanics, although you could say the base graphics are a bit, err, dated?

With that said, it’s great that Mojang gave you the ability to easily upgrade the look of the game by installing texture packs. There are thousands of texture packs out, so we’ve picked through the archives to bring you this selection of the tastiest texture packs your eyes can eat.

We’ve covered all the styles, from ultra-realistic Minecraft texture packs to the cartoony and stylized – so in this list you’ll easily be able to find something sweet to level up the graphics of your Minecraft worlds.

Get ready to discover the top Minecraft texture packs!

Stylized Texture Packs

These cute Minecraft texture packs have a cool and unique style.

FishyMintTextures Mythic

The Mythic texture pack by FishyMint pack brings a whimsical and fantastical touch to Minecraft with its bright colors, quirky designs, and unique textures making it perfect for players who want to add a bit of magic and fun to their game.

This new set of resources for Minecraft has a neu-retro feel, it’s reminiscent of the early 2000s/late 90s computer game graphics, with a fantasy style – like Morrowind or some Thief games. Of course, the texture resolution is better than these original games, making this one of the better fantasy-style medieval texture packs out there.



The Overgrowth texture pack brings a whole range of new textures to your Minecraft world. If you’re looking for stylish and exciting new texture packs, Overgrowth has a lot to offer. Overgrowth gives you a complete overhaul of the original Minecraft textures. We really like the work they’ve done on some of the mobs, bringing a new level of creativity and scariness to the animals.

It’s one of the more popular Minecraft texture packs in the community, where these types of packs bring a new feeling of drama and excitement to regular Minecraft. This is available in both the Bedrock Edition and Java Edition of Minecraft.


best minecraft texture packs, MineBricks

Minebricks brings a nostalgic and sweet style to your Minecraft graphics using a style heavily inspired by Lego bricks, letting you relive your childhood memories of building Lego houses, but in Minecraft. This has a faithful look to Lego, with all the lumps on top, and the shiny, plastic look.

This gives Minecraft a really cool look, and when you combine it with additional HD texture mods, it has a gorgeous, glossy look. It literally makes your Minecraft world look like it’s made from Lego. You can’t really fault this pack – being super high resolution, realistic, creative, and gorgeous looking, this is one of our favorites.

Lithos 32

Lithos keeps the original Minecraft feel while adding a fresh new layer of depth the textures, offering a tasty, clean and crisp design, giving it more polish and making it look more refined and attractive.

This also uses a medieval style, and at first glance, it has a lot of crispness and extra resolution compared to the original textures. The graphics aren’t too dissimilar to the original textures but offer more detail and a different look – while still being recognizable.

Sphax PureBDCraft

Sphax PureBDCraft

This highly detailed and cartoonish pack gives Minecraft a fresh and unique look inspired by comic books and video games, it has a colorful, playful feel that turns Minecraft’s standard bland look into something more spicy.

This is easily one of the most beautiful and exciting texture packs for Minecraft. It makes the whole world look stunning and gorgeous, and you can really see the level of extra effort put into making this pack compared to the original textures, this is truly a work of art! You should also check out the other packs created by BDCraft too!

XRay Ultimate

XRay Ultimate

The XRay Ultimate Minecraft texture pack is designed specifically for players who enjoy mining and resource gathering. It allows players to easily identify ores and minerals, making resource gathering more efficient and streamlined.

This pack isn’t what we’d call beautiful or artistic at all. This is more of a utility texture pack, which is used to “cheat” the game. When you use this pack, all the common blocks like dirt, stone, sand, and others, are made to be essentially transparent – letting you see through the world and quickly locate ores and other precious resources.

If you’re desperate for diamonds, this is a great way to find them without using harder cheats. Although, we would still call this pack cheating! Be careful when using this pack online though, as won’t be allowed in most multiplayer servers.


Unlike a lot of other packs on this list, Faithful is a texture upgrade, rather than a change. Sure, it changes the appearance of the game, although these high-resolution textures are completely based on the original – just in higher detail. Faithful comes in 32x and 64x resolutions, giving you the choice of performance or quality.

You can view this as an expansion over the original graphics, rather than a total replacement. It makes the game look sharper and more polished, perfect for players who want a classic Minecraft experience with improved graphics.

Digs’ Simple Pack

Digs’ Simple Pack is a minimalist texture pack that removes unnecessary details and simplifies the game’s textures, giving Minecraft a clean and uncluttered appearance. It’s perfect for players who want a more streamlined and minimalistic look to their game.

This has a really sweet, clean look which gives Minecraft a smooth and sleek look. This is a total overhaul of the graphics and textures – and while it is minimalistic, it still has a very satisfying appearance. We particularly love the flora textures like grass and leaves.



The RetroNES pack brings the pixelated graphics of classic 8-bit video games to Minecraft, creating a retro and vintage look, letting you relive the nostalgia of classic games and games console like the Nintendo Entertainment System and early GameBoys.

This pack is quite garish and ugly, which might not be to everybody’s taste, but it certainly captures the blocky nostalgia of vintage video games.


Sapixcraft’s pack adds a high level of detail and depth to Minecraft, with a focus on creating a realistic and immersive world with expanded high-resolution textures. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for a more immersive and lifelike Minecraft visual setup even more so when you pair it with Spixcraft’s accompanying modifications and add-ons.

The mob and animal textures are really nice – the textures take a strong inspiration from the original textures, just giving them a more visually appealing and dreamy style.

Default 3D

best minecraft texture packs, Default 3D

The Default 3D pack is another cool, exciting, and unique approach to Minecraft resources. This gives the game’s textures a 3D effect, making objects and blocks look more realistic and immersive. If you know anything about video game textures, this is similar to applying a normal map – where textures are given ridges, bumps, and indents.

This adds a bit of depth and dimension to your Minecraft world, and it really gives the textures a popping, 3D effect, without the need for any extra mods!

It comes in three variations – High, Medium, and Low, which let you choose the best resolution for your computer’s performance – so you can still enjoy this on a potato machine.

Rodrigo’s Pack

This pack created by a single artist is designed to give Minecraft a more rustic and natural look. With its earthy tones and detailed textures, it brings a new cute and dynamic look to minecraft, it’s very clean and smooth looking, and is not at all ugly. The coloration is also very well selected.

It also brings a complete change to the UI, with a much smoother, cleaner, and more minimalistic look. You won’t want to go back to the ugly old Minecraft textures.


This pack enhances the look of vanilla Minecraft blocks, adding more detail and depth to building materials like wood, stone, and brick. It has a dreamy, mysterious look that’s reminiscent of other oldschool fantasy games.

It gives you new textures for every block and item in the game, and we particularly enjoy the new armor textures, which have an epic look.

Bombies 80k

This texture pack adds a gritty and industrial feel to Minecraft with its rough texture and mechanical designs. It creates a darker and more dystopian Minecraft experience, it’s particularly designed for PvP situations, where the HUD has been upgraded for combat and fighting. it’s also the main pack used by a server with the same name.

John Smith Legacy

The John Smith Legacy pack is a classic one, which also brings back memories of retro fantasy games. This is one of the oldest Minecraft texture packs around and has been continually updated and re-created with new versions.

It’s not the prettiest or cleanest pack out there. it has a truly old-school aesthetic. All the textures for blocks, mobs, and items have been redesigned. The mobs look pretty scary, so watch out. The design of the pack is cohesive, and all the textures feel like they fit into the same world. Good job!


best minecraft texture packs, Dokucraft

There are six different Dokucraft packs, each one with a slight variation on the central theme. This is a high-detail, clean pack with a bit more character than the original textures. It reworks all the textures, and the skyboxes are truly beautiful – particularly at night.

The pack manages to bring both more cuteness and comfort, as well as more fear and scariness – thanks to the creepy mobs and nether world, and the clean, friendly overworld.

The Dokucraft Dwarven pack is one of our favorite variations offered by the Dokucraft team, as it has a classical Dwarven fantasy theme with tonnes of gilded stone patterns and Celtic-inspired textures.

Cartoon Texture Packs

These cartoon texture packs have a different take, using cute cartoon graphics to give your Minecraft a different look.

Tooniverse – One of the Best Minecraft Texture Packs for Cartoon Lovers


If you love cute, cartoony, and bright graphics, Tooniverse is one of the best places to start. As far as cute cartoon textures go, not many packs are as enjoyable as the Tooniverse textures, which completely change the way Minecraft looks. every block, item, mob, and UI element has been totally revamped, in crystal-clear cartoon detail.

It has a unique, hand-painted feel, which makes your Minecraft world feel a whole lot more exciting, bright, and fun. The mobs are extra cute, with creepers now having a face that makes you want to stroke them, rather than run away! If you’re looking for a cartoon texture pack then start here!

Sphax Vanilla BDCraft

Sphax Vanilla BDCraft

Vanilla BDCraft is a sibling of the classic Sphax PureBDCraft. Rather than following the drastically different colors and textures of PureBD, Vanilla BD is much closer in feel to the original textures, while still employing the high resolution and refreshing textures of the BDCraft design methodology.

You can view this as a clean, cartoony upgrade of the Minecraft standard pack. You don’t need to worry about getting confused, or not being able to recognize blocks and items, but you can enjoy a new take on the game’s visuals.


best minecraft texture packs, oCd

If you’ve played Minecraft for a while, you’ll know how it can give you that OCD feeling. Every block has to be in the perfect place, and you can’t stand anything looking awkward. You’ll spend hours refining your buildings, making sure that every block is where it should be.

The oCd texture pack will be the perfect companion to these feelings. This has a super simple, clear, and clean style, that makes Minecraft look incredibly cool. This is a really nice pack, and it will make it hard for you to switch back to the original textures when you enjoy the simplicity it offers.


The Bloom texture pack has a light and cartoonish feel which makes epic adventures in Minecraft feel cuter and more fun. The whole UI is more attractive and fresh, with every item icon, and element of the HUD being completely redesigned.

This is a 16x resolution pack, so it’s still a little blocky, but the new textures are more characterful than the originals. We think the ore blocks look especially cool.

Prime’s HD Textures

Primes HD Textures is a pristine, high-resolution, cartoon-style texture pack. This set of resources is truly beautiful and turns blocky old minecraft into a breathtaking, crisp, and colorful world. All of the textures are relatively faithful to the originals, just being given in higher resolution, with a more cartoon and fun feel. Prime also offers a bunch of interlinked mods which make Minecraft look even better.

Some of the mods are really creative, change the way foliage works, and bakes the game look less blocky.


The Jicklus texture pack is a fresh take on the original Minecraft textures. This pack is a total overhaul, providing new textures for all the blocks and icons, as well as completely, changing the UI and item icons. It isn’t miles away from the originals, although is noticeably different, with a strong emphasis on the mobs and natural elements of the game.

The color palette seems to be slightly narrower than the original, which gives a better sense of cohesion and realism.

Bare Bones

best minecraft texture packs, Bare Bones

The Bare Bones skin is a fun and unique take on Minecraft graphics. As the name implies, this strips it back to the bare bones of recognition. The textures are incredibly minimalistic. Where possible, some blocks have been condensed down into a single, flat color.

This gives minecraft a minimalistic, clean look. It’s super barren on the details and goes for an abstract approach rather than realism. Definitely a cool pack to try out though!


The Anemoia pack gives you some bright, colorful, and dreamy new textures to enjoy in Minecraft. This reminds us of the old-school RPGs and anime. The textures are very different from the originals, giving minecraft a completely new and exciting look.

Using a pastel, and well-complimented color palette, these textures really pop – we think the crafted blocks look fantastic, particularly the bricks and other hand-made building materials.

This pack is also built with performance in mind, helping you to get the maximum FPS from your dusty old PCs.


This charming pack is one of the long-standing community favorites and was used by countless minecraft YouTube creators back in the day. Jolicraft offers a complete overhaul of all graphical elements, including the blocks, GUI, and HUD.

It has a cute, nostalgic feel, where every element seems to complement the others perfectly. It reminds us of old video games like Runescape and World of Warcraft. From cozy building interiors to epic landscape vistas, Jolicraft brings a fresh pop to your Minecraft world.


Splotch is a colorful and vibrant pack with a hand-painted feel. This gives minecraft an exciting and artistic new look. It has a cutesy, childish feel that feels more energetic and zesty in comparison to the normal graphics. If you want something bright, sweet, and cute, we recommend the Splotch texture pack!

Dandelion X – Cartoon Pack

Dandelion X is a soft and refreshing take on Minecraft textures. It has a high, cartoon resolution and a fresh choice of colors. The nature and green textures have a sweet, simple design, and the woods, stone, and other building materials have a rustic and cozy tone.


As far as cartoon texture packs go, the Glazin pack is a flat, bold, and blocky pack that brings a tasty cartoon aesthetic to Minecraft. It’s 8x, meaning it’s the same low resolution as the original graphics, meaning you will be able to run it at high FPS without needing a powerful graphics card. The mobs in this pack look super cool too!

Realistic Texture Packs

These texture packs use a more realistic style, aiming to mimic real life

Check out our full guide for more Realistic Minecraft Textures!

Misa’s Realistic Texture Pack

Misa's Realistic Texture Pack

This eerily real texture pack aims to bring an unparalleled level of realism to Minecraft thanks to the use of photorealistic textures and additional reflective shaders. If you use some of the recommended mods with this texture pack then you’ll be able to convince yourself that you’re looking at pictures instead of a bunch of Minecraft blocks.

ModernArch Realism

ModernArch Realism

The ModernArch Realism pack is one of the most realistic Minecraft packs available, and has a reputation in the community for being beautiful, but dangerous for your GPU – yes, it will turn your graphics card into a toaster if you aren’t careful.

This is a truly gorgeous texture pack, and when combined with a few other ModernArch mods, you’ll experience a whole new dimension of possibilities within Minecraft.

Flows HD

Flows HD brings a crisp and detailed approach to Minecraft graphics and is particularly nice for anybody who wants to build high-resolution and detailed buildings and houses. This has a super clean look and even included some joined textures and improved shaders for a unique and bold look. The ore blocks are pure tasty!


Clarity describes itself as the ‘pixel perfect’ Minecraft pack, and we think that’s a fair statement. From the humble dirt blocks and cobblestone to majestic mobs and solid metals, everything in the Clarity pack feels tight, and well thought out. It’s still very inspired by the original graphics, and won’t take you too far from the standard game, but it gives you a fresh and sweet new look with more realism.

Honorable Mentions

You should also check out these texture packs!

  • Woodpecker
  • Pastel Craft
  • Candycane Craft
  • MS Painted
  • LB Photo Realism Reload
  • Amberstone
  • Optimum Realism
  • Realism Mats
  • Fantastik

How to Install Minecraft Texture Packs

Installing minecraft texture packs is super easy, all you have to do is follow these steps.

  1. Installing new resource/texture packs into Minecraft is quick and easy. All you need to do is follow these steps:
    1. Download the texture packs. The downloaded texture packs should be a .ZIP file.
    2. Find the downloaded file on your computer (typically in your “Downloads” folder).
    3. Copy the pack (cmd/ctrl+c), or right-click, and copy.
    4. Load up Minecraft.
    5. Open options from the main menu.
    6. Click “Resource Packs” from the options menu.
    7. Click the “Open resource pack folder” button, you’ll now be given a folder window.
    8. Paste the copied Minecraft texture pack into Minecraft’s designated pack folder.
    9. Go back to the Minecraft Resource Pack menu. Your new pack should appear in the menu.
    10. Select the new pack in the menu to use it in-game.


Minecraft texture packs are one of the easiest ways to upgrade the look of the game. Sure, the original graphics are ok, but Minecraft can look a lot better. Any of the above texture packs will give your game a fresh new look.

Don’t forget to check out some of the visual mods available in Minecraft too, as these can help to improve the graphics even further.

FAQs About Minecraft Texture Packs

What are the 5 best Minecraft Java Texture Packs?

The best Minecraft texture packs are different for everyone, depending on what their tastes are, but some popular ones are Sphax PureBDCraft, Faithful 32x, Lithos 32, Dokucraft, and John Smith Legacy.

What Texture Pack is Best for High FPS Minecraft?

If you’re looking for high FPS texture packs, you need to go for ones that are well-optimized and run at lower resolutions. Some popular ones are Default 32x, Bare Bones, and Jolicraft.

What is the Best Texture Pack for Minecraft 2023?

Ultimately it depends on the style you want, but our top 3 are FishyMintTextures Mythic, Tooniverse, and Misa’s Realistic Texture Pack.