The Top 15 Best Modded Minecraft Servers

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This post was last updated on November 1, 2023

If you’re looking for some cool modded minecraft servers, this guide has them all. Vanilla Minecraft is a pretty deep game as it is, but when you get mods involved, things can get really spicy.

There are countless modifications for minecraft – and all of them change or expand the experience of the standard game. Besides these being able to upgrade the single-player game, there is also plenty of minecraft modded servers that bring these mods to a multiplayer experience.

This list shows you a bunch of the coolest modded minecraft servers to join and also shares information about modded minecraft server hosting if you’re interested in running your own modded server.

What are Modded Servers?

Modded minecraft servers use mods to change the way the game works. These don’t work the same as standard vanilla servers and instead have a bunch of extra features and mechanics based on the chosen mods.

Remember, you may need to use an older version of the Minecraft client to be able to connect to some of these servers You will be prompted with this information when you try to connect.

For some, you will need to use the Forge Minecraft Client, which helps to install all the relevant mods.

The 15 Best Modded Minecraft Servers

Here are a bunch of the best modded servers on Minecraft.

1. Grand Theft Minecraft

Server Address:

best modded minecraft servers, header, Grand Theft Minecraft

Grand Theft Auto is a hugely popular series of games, and what better universe to cross over than Minecraft? This Minecraft-modded server has all the classic elements of GTA – guns, cars, houses, and crime.

The server has a bunch of unique features which you won’t find anywhere else. It’s also well-maintained and updated regularly. The world is split into a safe zone and a danger zone – where PvP is rife!

2. Complex Gaming

Server Address: or or or

best modded minecraft servers, Complex Gaming

Complex gaming offers many servers with a range of mods and styles. There are four main game servers offered by this community – Tekkit, Pixelmon, Feed The Beast, and Vanilla.

The Tekkit and Pixelmon servers are popular choices, and they give players a deeper and more sophisticated set of mechanics to work with. Tekkit brings a huge range of additional blocks and tools, which lets players create huge automatic factories and mining machines.

These servers are all well made and have low latency and a good community. It’s worth noting, that some elements of the economy are pay-to-win, which may put some players off.

The vanilla server doesn’t use typical mods but has a bunch of customized game modes that are a lot of fun to play, including factions, survival, prison, creative mode, and sky block.

3. Vortex Network

Server Address:

best modded minecraft servers, Vortex Network

This is easily one of the best Minecraft modded servers for people who love space-themed adventures. The Vortex Network is an entire server customized with a space and interplanetary theme.

One of the main attractions of playing on this server is the incredibly beautiful and detailed environment. This might be the only server on this list that has such a high level of quality in the world construction. Each environment is really next level.

This setting is perfectly paired with the selection of multiple mods which expand the standard gameplay with a bunch of space packs and plugins. There are a few different game modes with decent variety.

4. Purple Prison

Server Address:

Purple Prison is another popular server that is focused on the prison game mode. This server has been around since 2014 and has a strong and loyal community.

This isn’t a very heavily modded server, and all the plugins are downloaded automatically when you connect to it for the first time. You won’t have to download and install any additional mod packs or resources.

It only offers the prison mode, which might not be everyone’s cup of tea but is still a lot of fun to play with your friends.

5. Duelist Kingdoms Yu-Gi-Oh

Server Address:

Duelist Kingdoms Yu-Gi-Oh

Yu-GI-Oh was a classic TV show and trading card game that gained cult popularity. You can now play this famous card game on a Minecraft server – how cool is that? You can find all the iconic cards and creatures, including Exoda and the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Then, you can duel with other players on the server using the card mini-game features. This uses a bunch of cool mods which you can download through links on the discord page.

6. Dirtcraft

Server Address:

Dirtcraft is a largely expanded server that uses a bunch of mods to create an exciting and varied gameplay experience. The Dirtcraft server even provides a simple custom launcher that automatically includes all the mods and makes it super easy to get into the server.

This server is modded with a bunch of FTB mods, Direworlf, Skyfactory, and more.

7. PokeGalaxia

Server Address:


Who doesn’t love Pokemon? The PokeGalaxia is one of the most advanced Pixelmon mod servers. This mod brings Pokemon into the world of Minecraft and adds a bunch of other features which make the game function in a similar way to the Pokemon series. Your goal is to capture and collect as many pokemon as possible, and then make them battle.

These game servers have a largely Spanish community, which may make communication difficult if you don’t speak the language – although the server is still a lot of fun to play with!

8. MCBall

Server Address:

For any fans of Call of Duty, Counterstrike, or other FPS games, the MCBall server is something any shooter players should check out. MCStrike turns minecraft into a first-person shooter, with guns, grenades, and other modern weapons.

There are a bunch of different game modes, including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, and Zombies. are over 18 different guns and extra weapons, and the server is regularly updated and has active staff.

Another bonus of the server is that all the resource packs are downloaded automatically, so you don’t even need to go hunting for all the right mods.

9. Lord of the Craft

Server Address:

Lord of the Craft is a fantasy-themed role-playing server with over 65000 registered players! This epic server is the ideal place to indulge in your medieval fantasy themes, taking a lot of inspiration from the classic Lord of the Rings series.

The server has a consistently active community, so you will never feel like you’re playing in an empty world.

You can learn different magical spells, and combat styles, and rank up from a humble peasant to a mighty emperor or king.

10. PixelmonCraft

Server Address:

This is another server based on the Pixelmon Reforged mod. While it doesn’t have quite the same size community as PokeGalaxia, it still has decent server populations, and this time, it’s in English. The PixelmonCraft server brings the classic pokemon experience to Minecraft and is super easy to set up and play.

This replicates the cute experience of pokemon in Minecraft’s blocky world.

11. Mageblox (wizard-themed)

Server Address:

This server is a multiplayer hosting provider for the Mageblox mod. This mod brings a huge range of magical-themed expansions to the game, including new dimensions to explore, new items to craft, and a bunch of cool spells to cast.

Note, that this server is slightly old and only works with 1.12 minecraft, although it’s still definitely worth checking out as the mod pack is entertaining to play with.

12. Crafters Land

Server Address:

With over 10 years of service, Crafter’s Land servers offer both a vanilla or modded experience. The mods are centered around Feed the Beast (FTB) mods, which bring a huge range of expanded features to the base game. Crafter’s land also includes Tekkit and Pixelmon Reforged mods, if you want to play with advanced machinery or pokemon style mobs!

Honorable Mentions

Here are some other Modded minecraft servers to check out, which we haven’t given a full review for, but still recommend!

  1. The Mining Dead (Zombies) –
  2. The Cosmos 2 (Space themed) –
  3. DungeonRealms (RPG style dungeon server) –

Closing Thoughts

After playing some of these cool modded MInecraft servers, you might never want to go back to the vanilla version of the game! Some of these mods completely revolutionize the way Minecraft works, and can make it feel as if you are playing a totally different game!

Enjoy playing on these modded servers, and don’t forget to bookmark this page to reference later!


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The #1 Minecraft server (based on population) is Hypixel. This is one of the oldest, and most popular Minecraft servers available, and has a bunch of different game modes and plugins. Whether it is truly the best Minecraft server is a matter of opinion!

What is the Best Free modded Minecraft Server Host?

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