Bethesda supports Kinect where it “makes sense”

Bethesda seems to be watching the development of the industry from afar; not that the company isn’t keeping up with innovations and technological advancements, but it’s quite clear that it’s holding off any potential rushes toward products like Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U and Sony’s PlayStation Vita. And now, Microsoft’s motion-sensor Kinect.

“We support technology like that when we feel the addition of it makes sense. I think we would look to support things, whether it be a special type of control or whatever, when it does something we can’t already do with a normal controller,” said Bethesda VP of PR and marketing Pete Hines during an interview. “We want to make our games available to the widest audience possible on whatever platforms that will support the game. So to whatever extent new consoles fit with the kind of games we are making and support them technologically, we would certainly do that,” while ironically adding that “the Wii wasn’t even an option.”

Explained Hines, “we’d have to make wholesale changes to the games we were making on 360, PS3 and PC to make it work on Wii. So it’s not an option. I honestly know nothing about the tech specs of the new platforms and whether or not they are a good fit for what we are making with, say Rage, and Skyrim.”

“If these platforms are a good fit for the kind of games we are making, then absolutely we would look to put our games out for those,” he added.