BioWare hinting at SWTOR Mac version

While only available on PC today, BioWare’s just-launched Star Wars: The Old Republic may just make it to the Mac next. Studio founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk don’t say it outright, but they do nudge in that direction.

“We know there’s a big Mac audience of BioWare fans … we know that’s an important and large audience. And we want to serve that audience,” Muzyka tells Joystiq.

Mac owners are “not yet” able to play the game, Zeschuk teasingly adds.

“We’ve done a lot of Mac ports before of our games. We haven’t announced any details yet for The Old Republic, but we know that’s an important and large audience.”

Serving the Mac audience is  “definitely one of the things we’re looking at next,” Zeschuk further notes. “We want to get this launch under our belt and everything stabilized and happy, and then we’ll look at other platforms, and that’s obviously one of the first ones.”

The Old Republic launched worldwide just before the holidays, on December 20th.