BioWare “looking for the right way to deploy” new Jade Empire

As it is with the future of its more recent Mass Effect franchise, BioWare is also “looking for the right way to deploy” a new Jade Empire title, it was revealed at the Eurogamer Expo over the weekend. With no mention of this since 2009, we were starting to get worried.

“We’ve been talking a lot about that actually on and off over the years,” co-founder and CEO Ray Muzyka said.

“It’s an IP, it’s a setting that we’re really passionate about, and we still are. Both Greg [Zeschuk, fellow co-founder] and I were big believers in the IP.

“We’re just looking for the right way to deploy it.”

“You never know,” Muzyka added. “We don’t have anything to announce on it right now, but it is a franchise that’s near and dear to us.”

Hope. Restored.