BioWare prepping “amazing” Mass Effect 3 announcement for PAX?

Mark this one under rumor for now, but it looks like BioWare will start making good on its Mass Effect 3 promises at PAX this week.

ME3 forum user CaptainDope recently posted that he’d met Lance Henriksen, voice of Admiral Hackett, at a Swedish sci-fi convention over the weekend. According to Henriksen, BioWare are prepping a “big and amazing” Mass Effect 3 announcement for PAX this Friday.

CaptainDope wrote: “Also, he also knows what is going to happen in the future with the story of ME3 but he is not allowed to say anything. Finally, he said Bioware are planning to announce something big and amazing at PAX next friday.”

Such teases would suggest a resolution to the controversy surrounding the game’s ending, which left many players unsatisfied. BioWare recently promised that issues with the ending would be ‘directly addressed’ in upcoming content.

All eyes on Friday, then.