BioWare spill Mass Effect 3 deets on squadmates, RPG elements, and no multiplayer

Straight from the pages of Game Informer, Mass Effect 3 details have sieged the internet like a Krogan on a war path. Read on for all the latest on Shep’s next adventure.

First and foremost? There’s no multiplayer of any kind; breathe a sigh of relief. Possible online modes haven’t been ruled out for future entries in the franchise though.

In terms of story, we know that Garrus will return to your squad (if he made it through the last game), along with either Kaiden or Ashley depending on who survived the first game, along with Liara T’Soni. Someone named James Sanders will also join the Normandy crew this time around. Other characters include Wrex, Mordin, and Legion though it’s not entirely clear if they’ll rejoin the squad.

The Illusive Man will also return, although this time he could well be after Shepard instead of with him, meaning Cerbreus is back on the bad side.

On the gameplay side of things, BioWare are looking to make the RPG elements deeper than Mass Effect 2. Powers will be able to upgrade more than once for example, and skill trees will be larger. Weapon mods are also returning.

The game will start out with Shepard on trial for his actions in the recent Arrival DLC. That’s when the Reaper invasion that we’ve heard so much about starts, thus Shep is sent on his merry way to take them down. Que 20+ hours of ducking behind cover, blasting aliens in the face, and a heck of a lot of chit chat; we can’t wait.

Mass Effect 3 is on track for a release at the end of the year.