BioWare to starve us of Mass Effect 3 plot details

Plot is one of the bigger aspects of any BioWare game, let alone Mass Effect. That’s why some fans are concerned about being spoiled too early on plot details for Mass Effect 3.

When some raised their concerns on the BioWare forums (via NeoGAF), the studio’s Jarrett Lee came to their support. He said: “Also, other than the attack on Earth, I think we’ll try harder this time not to spoil things for you. By the time the game ships you’ll be mad about the lack of story info ;).”

In today’s media though, it’s hard not to spoil games. “Thing is what makes Mass Effect awesome is the story – it’s packed with major and minor plot points,” Lee continued. “Selling it as awesome only by talking about basic game features can be difficult – but we may see a move towards that this time.”

He added: “It seems though that if we don’t say enough about story, people jump to negative conclusions quickly. At any time, we’ll keep a lid on stuff.”

Mass Effect 3 launches at the end of this year.