Bizarre dev starts new indie studio

No sooner had Bizarre Creations closed it doors, new studios by were being founded by former staff left and right. Hogrocket and Lucid Games both generated from an unfortunate destiny and it seems we’re not done with reporting about ex-employees pursuing new goals within the industry.

Former Bizarre man Matt Cavanagh has formed a new independent studio going by the name of Totem Games. So far, it would seem this is a one-man operation given Cavanagh is the sole register of said company. There’s been a lack of info whether or not he’s cooking something up already, but he obviously is, otherwise he wouldn’t have started a videogame studio. He’s keeping quiet about it, though, saying nothing more than is necessary.

“Formed by ex Bizarre Creations Matt Cavanagh, Totem Games is joining all the shiny new indie games companies in their mission to make the world a happier place,” read the official Twitter.