Bizarre reccomended for shut down by Activision

Activision’s attempts to sell off Blur developer Bizarre Creations have proven unsuccessful. After a poor year of game sales and critical reception with 007: Bloodstone, the publishing giant were looking to offload the studio.

Sadly, they haven’t found any buyers, thus have recommended to the studio that they close their doors. Activision Worldwide Studios’ COO Coddy Johnson explained: “I want to be clear, our first choice was to try and keep this group together and find a buyer for the studio. The decision comes after exhausted examination of a number of different options.”

Seemingly no one would have the team though: “..unfortunately, so far we’ve not been able to find any interested parties. So we’ve made as a last resort, a recommendation to the team for closure.”

Bizarre themselves admit they have little choice but to shut down. It’s a huge shame that after just 3 years of being under Activision’s banner Bizarre has been let go. We hope the 200+ stuff in Liverpool don’t have much trouble getting back on their feet with other developers.