Black Ops II ‘not what people are expecting’; details overload

Treyarch’s community man Dan Amrich has gone all out on dishing out details on the new Call of Duty, from how the game will take you to the past as well as the future, how players can sometimes make a choice on how to approach an objective (the example given: snipe or rappel), how failing missions can change the storyline (indeed, you can actually fail a mission and move on in Black Ops II) and quite a bit more.

The new Strike Force Operations also get detailed and the return of zombies zombies is confirmed.

It’s also made very clear that it’s Black Ops II, not Black Ops 2. Off to change the tags, I am.

On top of that, a bunch of very promising quotes get thrown around:

  • The linear rulebook “has been thrown away, and all bets are off in terms of how you expect this game is going to play.”
  • “Let’s rewrite the rules of storytelling in Call of Duty.”
  • On Zombie mode: “There are new game modes; it’s bigger and better.”
  • “Multiplayer is no longer a one-size-fits-all solution. We’ve stripped the game back a lot and started from a very core place.”

Needless to say then, it’s a must read for anyone looking forward to the game.