Blackwater plans to air drop Xbox 360’s on troops

I’m sure everyone has heard of Blackwater, a company that provides its “services” in Iraq and Afghanistan. Simply put, they supply mercenaries that do the same thing as the troops but get paid a whole lot more and live much better lives while doing it. Given the stigma that comes bundled with the thought of mercenaries, it was interesting to find out what their newest recruiting technique is.

Blackwater recruiter James Overton is planning on air dropping Xbox 360 consoles along with Guitar Hero, a modem, and a television projector for their soldiers in Afghanistan, believing this will help to spread some good will. Bill Mathews, an executive with Blackwater Worldwide said,” Every (military) place I’ve ever been to overseas, they’ve got like backgammon and Parcheesi and chess, and they’re all gathering dust. But this is the stuff they play at home. And any semblance of home we can give them is best.”

Mathews also notes that most Blackwater employees used to be enlisted in the U.S. armed services. What better way to grow a private army than dropping some games down on them, eh?