Blast Furnace Recipe: Everything You Need To Know

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This post was last updated on September 1, 2023

Blast furnaces are a variation of the regular furnace in Minecraft. Their smelting process only takes half the time as a regular furnace, although they are limited in what they can smelt.

These aren’t for cooking your pork chops – as a blast furnace will only smelt ores, metals, armor, and tools.

Read the rest of this guide for the full breakdown of how blast furnaces work, how to make them, and all the other things you need to know.

How to Obtain a Blast Furnace

Like many things in Minecraft, blast furnaces can either be crafted or found in certain locations in the game.

How to Craft a Blast Furnace in Minecraft

Required Materials to make a Blast Furnace in Minecraft

To make a blast furnace you need the following ingredients

  • 5 iron ingots
  • 1 Furnace (eight pieces of cobblestone)
  • 3 smooth stone blocks

You create smooth stone blocks by smelting regular stone. You create regular stone either by smelting cobblestone or mining stone blocks with a silk touch enchanted pickaxe.

Minecraft Blast Furnace Recipe

To craft a blast furnace in Minecraft, you need to place a furnace in the middle of the crafting table. Then, place three smooth stones in the bottom three slots. Fill out the rest of the crafting grid with five iron ingots.

The following image shows the crafting recipe for a blast furnace in Minecraft.

Crafting recipe to make a blast furnace

Finding Blast Furnaces in Minecraft – Natural Generation

Blast furnaces can also be found naturally in the Minecraft world, although only in one place.

Any village with an armorer will have a Minecraft blast furnace in the armorer’s house.

Note – you will need to mine the blast furnace with a pickaxe, otherwise the block won’t drop.

What is a Blast Furnace and What Does it Do?

A blast furnace is a utility block in Minecraft used for smelting certain items. They were added to the game in the 2019 Village & Pillage update.

Unlike a normal furnace, a blast furnace smelts items with double the speed. The catch is, a blast furnace has limits on what items it can smelt.

You can almost view these as specialist furnaces for a blacksmith – they can’t cook food like regular furnaces.

A Smoker is the chef’s equivalent type of specialized furnace, which cooks food twice as fast.

Blast furnace smelting interface - smelting iron ore

Blast Furnace Smelting

Blast furnaces can only smelt the following items:

  • Raw metals (like raw iron)
  • Ore blocks
  • Tools and armor
    • Iron
    • Gold
    • Chainmail

Blast furnaces have a smelting time of 5 seconds or 100 in-game ticks. Items will complete smelting after this time has passed, provided there is enough fuel in the furnace.

This is twice as fast as a regular furnace’s smelting time, which comes in at 10 seconds (200 ticks).

This speed increase makes the blast furnace much more time efficient compared to a normal furnace if you need to smelt ore.

What can be Used to Fuel a Blast Furnace in Minecraft?

You can use the following items to fuel a blast furnace in Minecraft:

  • Coal
  • Wood (planks, raw blocks, sticks, saplings, bookshelves, wooden tools, fences, and most other wooden items.)
  • Charcoal (made from smelting wood blocks)
  • Buckets of lava – this is the longest-lasting fuel source
  • Blaze rods

Remember that this type of furnace burns fuel twice as quickly as a regular one, although this is more just to balance the game. Because it cooks items twice as quickly, fuel will be able to smelt the same amount of items, just in less time.

Changing Villager Professions

You can use a blast furnace to change the profession of a villager, by using one as a job site block. If you place a blast furnace in a village, any villager that hasn’t already chosen their profession will become an armorer.

Armorers sell shields and armor (surprisingly). They’ll offer these items in iron, chainmail, or diamond.

trading with an armorer

As a Light Source

When the blast furnace is burning, it emits light at level 13. This is the same as a standard furnace (although you’re better off just making torches instead of wasting a fuel source for light).

As a Note Block

If placed underneath a note block, a blast furnace will create a bass drum sound when triggered with a Redstone signal.

In Closing, Enjoy Your Speedy Smelting!

With your new blast furnace, you’ll be able to spend less time waiting for your iron ore to turn into iron ingots, and will be able to spend more time enjoying the game.

For a small investment of five iron ingots, some smooth stones, and a regular furnace, you’ll be able to take advantage of this speedy smelting device!

You should also craft a Smoker, which is a similar type of oven that increases the speed of cooking food.


What is the Recipe for a Blast Furnace?

The crafting recipe to make a blast furnace uses one standard furnace, three smooth stones, and fire iron ingot pieces. You can see the crafting recipe pattern in the guide above

How Much Does 1 Coal Smelt in a Blast Furnace?

Using 1 coal as fuel in a blast furnace will smelt for a total of 40 seconds. Because the blast furnace is twice as efficient, in these 40 seconds you will be able to smelt a total of 8 items (taking 5 seconds each).

What can be Smelted in a Blast Furnace?

A blast furnace can only smelt raw metals, ore blocks, and armor. They can’t be used to cook food or roast wood.