Blightbound set to charge into Early Access

I’ve always been a massive fan of dungeon crawlers. I’ve actually been trying to think back to the first one I played. I’m not doing very well with my memory as I’m getting older but I think Baldurs Gate is the first that’s really cemented in my head. There’s something really fun about taking a party of adventurers into a dungeon full of evil beasties and hoping they all get out alive. The more story-driven the game is the more fun the delve becomes. This is probably the D&D nerd in me but it’s absolutely true. So, take that format and make your party real people and it’s a living, breathing, gaming, role-playing session. Sound good? Well, that is exactly what Blightbound kind of is.

Blightbound invites you and three of your mates, be they real-life pals or online compatriots, to delve into dungeons dark and see whether you can all leave with your limbs. It’s due to hit Steam Early Access next week (July 29th) and it sounds rather good, actually.

There’s very much an emphasis on team play in Blightbound by the ladies and gentlemen at Ronimo Games. Three heroes (and or heroines) are tasked with leaving their mountain refuge and battling the monstrous minions of The Blight. This cursed fog is covering and corrupting everything beneath your home and, being the heroic types you are, you need to do something about it.

There are certain ingredients needed to make a good crawl into an epic adventure and Blightbound has them in spades. The dungeons which you will traverse are lovingly handcrafted. The monsters will be many and the loot plentiful. You can even recover fallen heroes and expand your roster of available characters, so what’s not to love about that?! This game is also already fairly long. You’ll be questing through three distinct lands, each with their own dungeons to conquer. Plenty to do if you’re looking for variety.

Each member of your team will have their own role to play. Will you be a warrior, assassin, or mage? You’ll need to master your given class if you are to overcome the fiendish puzzles and brutal bosses waiting for you in the darkness.

Something worth noting is in addition to an already expanding game currently featuring 20 playable characters, each with their own skill sets and play-styles to master and hundreds of items to collect, craft, and improve; you’ll be getting free content. We like the word free and even more so when we hear there are already planned free updates from the community. This says two things. The devs love the people playing their game enough to want them involved and they aren’t the types to lock everything behind expensive DLC. We like that, so one-up, devs!

It’s nice to be able to do something aside from the ever-present grind that appears to some extent in any title. In Blightbound you can build your own mountain refuge by recruiting artisans to craft new gear, train your warriors, and more. Something else to concentrate on other than creature killing.

If all of the above sounds like your thing, you might want to grab your Early Access copy of Blightbound on launch week. If you do you’ll be able to snag yourself a 10% discount from the £19.99 asking price. Always worth getting something good at a knockdown price if you can so keep those eyes peeled.

This is right up my street! I need to go and make some friends now so I can play, too. The last thing worth mentioning is the folks over at Devolver are publishing this. That fact alone makes me want to see more and if you love a good dungeon crawl I have a sneaking suspicion you might be joining me come the 29th.