Blind sets standard for all World of Warcraft-inspired machinimas

Even if you’ve only recently emerged from your sensory deprivation chamber, you’ve probably heard of Machinima, the art of creating miniature animated flicks from the nuts and bolts of existing gameworld graphics engines. This emergent genre of film is a testament to the ingenuity and creativity of gamers, but it’s also sometimes a testament to these same individuals’ inability to manipulate characters or organize storylines beyond a silly dance or witty repartee.

That’s not the case in Blind, a World of Warcraft-inspired vignette from Percula that delivers all the action of a Bruckheimer blockbuster. It really showcases what a dedicated and determined machinimators can create using just the in-game tools at their disposal. The manipulation of the characters is masterful and the editing of the action is energetic, though I did prefer the second viewing in which I muted the sound. If only someone could combine the frenetic pacing of Blind with the clever dialogue of wildy-successful but action-deprived Red vs. Blue, they’d be sitting on a machinima goldmine.