Bloodroots: Macabre 3D platformer


Do you have a desire to bludgeon, crush, chop and thump your way through the wild west using ultra-violent combos? If the answer is yes, then this videogame is for you. Exact revenge on your killers using a multitude of macabre methods by making use of everything around you from hatchets to carrots – yes, carrots are extremely dangerous due to their pointy ends.


Bloodroots is developed by Paper Cult, an Indie videogame developer based in Montreal. Their quirky quick-paced videogame looks like it will offend anyone who has an aversion to violence since the aim of the game is to kill everyone and exact revenge in elaborate and macabre ways.

You face fearsome odds as Mr. Wolf, the maniacal protagonist, in a stylish combat videogame that takes no prisoners – literally, you kill everyone who looks at you. Every level is hand-crafted and has a cartoonish style that allows you to improvise with spectacularly chaotic melees.

Half the fun of this videogame is choreographing your own combat moves as you search forests and mountains using ladders, axes, swords, and cartwheels to viciously remove anything that’s in your way. This 3D platformer also allows you to steamroll NPCs with barrels squashing them like bugs, squelch!


The cartoon aesthetics shows a playfulness to juxtapose the macabre nature of this videogame which otherwise might be too violent. However, in true Tom and Jerry style, they pull it off with such over the top violence that it puts a satisfying smile on your face.

Bloodroots is available for pre-purchase now at the Epic Games Store.