BOOM BLOX only sells 60K units in first month, ouch!

While the Wii continues to experience unprecedented success in all markets throughout the world, the same cannot be said for some of the games on the platform. With consoles moving off shelves faster than Nintendo can keep pace with you would expect games for the Wii to share in the success, and while first party games have indeed enjoyed good sales with most selling one million plus units, third party games have not been so lucky.

According to NPD, outside of Guitar Hero III, Carnival Games, and Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, no third-party title has sold over one million units in the US. The latest third-party Wii title to experience less than stellar sales numbers is BOOM BLOX, the well-received collaboration between EA and Steven Spielberg, which in the first month managed to move only 60,000 copies. Meaning that only 0.6% of the Wii’s US install base of 10.2 million ran out and bought the game.

Even with the abysmal sales of most third-party games, Wii’s user base is so high that developers continue to pour resources into games for the system regardless. A small slice of a very large pie is something push towards after all, no?