Borderlands a “longterm franchise,” sequel to be called Borderworlds?

We wish we knew where that superannuation person lives because we would love to give him/her a big old sloppy handshake/kiss. Always on top of overlooked videogame information, this time the supes’ Twitter told us about a trademark filed by Gearbox for Borderworlds, a possible title for the sequel to their recent release Borderlands.

Seems fitting as Take-Two chairman Strauss Zelnick has said during a conference call today that they see a very real possibility of the game “becoming an important, longterm franchise.” And why wouldn’t it? With four very different player types, oddly behaving NPC’s, and 100 gazillion weapons, the game could pump out sequel after sequel and still have more material to pick from.

And if you are still focusing on the fact we said we would give supes a sloppy handshake, you are focusing on the wrong thing here.