Boulder Dash comes to Gamescom

How many of you lot are old enough to remember what a Commodore 64 looks like? For those of you that have no idea what I’m talking about, going back to the mid 80s it was one of the big things to have for any gamer. Just as every console worth its salt has a bank of AAA titles now it was just the same back then. You wouldn’t think it if looking back at some of those graphics but those games were a pretty big deal. One of that beloved group was Boulder Dash.
Boulder Dash has had a few iterations over the past 30 years on a variety of different consoles. This title even fathered its own genre and there can’t be many games out there that can boast that. The latest iteration will be Boulder Dash Deluxe and it’s due for release on iOS, Android and via Steam this September.
If you happen to be the type that’s lucky enough to go to conventions and don’t want to wait a month for release you’ll be able to get a sneaky peek at this year’s Gamescom. Gaming historians might also get a kick out of this one as you’ll be invited to look at Boulder Dash both in its past and present formats. If you’re going to Gamescom and you’re interested you’ll find the presentation in the Retro Arena, Hall 10.2.
The rest of us have a few weeks to wait for Boulder Dash Deluxe but for fans of this classic series a new offering of the game would be very welcome indeed.