Breach set for full release later this year

Breach full release set for later this year

Breach, from QC Games, is set for full release later this year.

Announced for early access late last year, the then trailer gave players a look into each class and their combat style. The latest trailers delve much deeper into the peep-pool providing a description of each class. Along with showcasing each classes battle style, and their individual special skills.

Modern Earth and Mythical Earth collide in a new co-op action RPG experience” –

With the latest Elemental class shows that not all Breach classes rely on darkness or mythical magic. Elementals draw from the Earth using wind, water, fire and ice in their defences. The latest trailer shows other advantages to this class. Pulling from Earthly elements, quake cracks the foundations and sends your enemies flying. The sky opens up and sends down a massive meteorite to burn and obliterate foes. Elementals also have a defensive strategy that allows them to cast an ‘Aqueous globe’ protective field that blocks incoming attacks and aims to protect allies by reducing their damage while in the globe.

Here’s the latest Elementalist trailer:

Breach is so much more complex in gameplay than is portrayed in the trailers. There are over 16 different classes, all with varied levels of difficulty. Join a co-op, play solo or part of a team, or customise your own battle arena. Buy and upgrade in the shop, play with friends and battle it out together or against each other. Victory will have you rewarded with loot and gold to aid in your classes expansion and development.

There’s so much buzz and attention swirling the inter-webs, surrounding Breach. The anticipation for its release is growing and the game looks to offer players a co-op dungeon brawler to be shared with mates or savoured alone. Whatever your play, Breach has you covered.

Check out the trailers for Necromancer, Arcane Mender, and Gunslinger over at Play Breach.

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Fans can expect to see Breach on Steam early access later this January 2019.

Free-to-play is set to launch later this year.

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