Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead is a game fit for any pandemic

It’s been ten years since The Walking Dead premiered on AMC and I still remember how invested I was when the show first aired. The suspenseful atmosphere and tension between characters in this post-apocalyptic world made it difficult for me to turn my attention away, especially as a horror junkie. Fast forward to 2020. There are some scary parallels between the TV show and the COVID-19 pandemic, like quarantining for weeks and wondering if there are enough supplies at the nearest store. At least I’m not fighting off hordes of Walkers. That’s what Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead is for.

Headup and AMC recently partnered to create a game that takes the best elements from The Walking Dead and the puzzle platform franchise Bridge Constructor to test players’ architectural skills and problem-solving abilities. The trailer for Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead promises violence, blood, and explosions as you navigate obstacles with fellow survivors, setting traps along the way as you attempt to escape from the Walkers.

An aerial shot of a group of men surround a truck, looking down at a map

There are some familiar characters you’ll meet along the way, including Eugene, Daryl, and Michonne, who will help you and your group as you design bridges and other inventions. Whether you are familiar with physics or not, this game will be a challenge as you use tools to build constructions that are stable enough to transport vehicles like trailers and trucks. In addition to bridges, take advantage of the moveable objects and bait that will lure Walkers to their impending fate.

A horde of walkers chases a fleeing vehicle across a bridge suspended over a river

With the ragdoll animation and creative ways to destroy your enemies, the engaging plot and increasingly challenging levels are sure to provide hours of entertainment. At its core, the gameplay is relatively simple but this doesn’t mean the mechanics are always easy to maneuver or that constructions have to be simple. It’s all about trial and error as you fiddle around to create something that is both elaborate and effective.

A bridge explodes as Walkers are destroyed and their blood and bodies go flying

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead will be released on November 19th for PC via Steam and Mobile, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Switch, PS4, and PS5. Pre-purchase the game before November 26th to save 10% or if you already own one or more of the games in the Bridge Constructor franchise, you will automatically receive 10% off as a loyalty discount. It’s a no-brainer these early Black Friday deals are worth grabbing now.