Brink release rescheduled, out a week earlier

We could make this a very dramatic post because what just happened earlier today is a thing hard to come by in this industry. But instead, we’re just going to embrace and enjoy the fact that Splash Damage and Bethesda informed that their upcoming first-person parkour shooter Brink – after a considerable delay last year – is actually now ahead of schedule and will be releasing a week earlier than previously advertised, which was May 17th (US) and 20th (EU).

“Production wrapped on Brink earlier than we planned and we didn’t see any reason to keep gamers from getting their hands on this highly anticipated game as soon as it was ready,” said vice president of PR and marketing Pete Hines (Bethesda Softworks). “It’s apparent from the tremendous reaction so far that people are eager to jump online and play, and if we can make that happen earlier – we’re going to.”

Brink is, as of today, scheduled for a May 10th release in the US, followed by the EU launch on the 13th on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.