Brink’s single-player is “massive”

Despite Splash Damage’s ambitions to meld single-, multiplayer and cooperative games, those wanting to go through the entire game on their can still very much do so. And according to CEO Paul Wedgwood there’s a whole lot of game there to enjoy, too.

“It’s massive!,” Wedgewood said about the single-player campaign in a recent interview. “This is a game that has been built from the outset as a heavily narrative-driven story by full-time writers. We’re making use of techniques like performance capturing – so we get really good physical performances from actors along with their facial expressions and voices and their interaction with other actors – to build a game that has a really strong narrative component that isn’t just a highly replayable shooter.”

To consider what they’re doing a success, Wedgewood says, the single-player experience should be “as compelling as any other triple-A shooter.”