Broomstick League set to soar into Early Access


Sports games are fun. The problem with this genre, however, is that often to get the most enjoyment out of the game you have to enjoy that sport. There isn’t any point in playing FIFA if you hate football, right? This is where games that either create a new sport or do something clever or interesting with an existing one come into play. A really good example of one of these may well be Broomstick League, set to come to Early Access in the not too distant future.

Some of you lucky lot might have been able to get a bit of a go on this title this weekend. The first playable version of Broomstick League was shown off at TwitchCon over in San Diego. If, like the rest of us (myself included), you don’t get passes to these big events, you’ll need a bit of low-down on what to expect on release.

I think you’ve probably already surmised that Broomstick League is a sports game involving broomsticks, right? You’d be correct. You’ll find yourself splitting into teams and climbing atop your broomsticks in an effort to grab the magic orb, outrun the opposition and score.

You won’t just need skill in flight. As a wizard, you’re also going to be armed with a wand. Having some ability with magic will help you dodge members of the enemy team, defend your goal and make some pretty extraordinary plays. Need that all important position and can’t quite get there? A bit of teleportation via the blink spell might be all you need. You won’t be wanting the opposition having the ball, will you? A well targeted blast spell should solve that for you. This is literally a case of magic for the win.

As you team with your friends, you’ll find that no two matches are the same. This is not only a game of skill. As you soar across massive arenas aiming for that all important goal, a mixture of magic and teamwork will be key to victory. Broomstick League allows for some pretty endless strategies; it’s all about your quick wits and those of your team mates.

To give you a quick run down of what you can expect … matches can be played both locally and online in teams of up to four per side. If you just want to play on your own, 1v1 matches are also available to cater to this. Aside from match customization, you’ll also have character customization and of course a leveling system that will let you track your progress through the league.

Broomstick League looks stunning. I mentioned massive arenas earlier but they are as varied as they are big. One minute you might be battling it out with giant trolls lurking in the background, the next may see you looking for goals while floating on the backs of flying creatures. All of this adding to the feel and finesse of the fun.

Those of you looking for something a bit different may well want to keep an eye out for this title. We don’t have an exact date yet but Broomstick League will be appearing on Steam Early Access in the not so far future, so it’s definitely worth checking out. I’ve also just realized I got through that entire article without pandering to Harry Potter fans or mentioning Quiddich … impressive, eh?