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This post was last updated on November 1, 2023

A bug-type Pokémon isn’t most trainers’ first choice when building a team. Early-generation bug types were much weaker in combat than others and weren’t ideal for lengthy battles. However, Game Freak (the Pokémon company) has made many improvements and additions to these characters over time.

As of this writing, 93 Pokémon have “Bug” listed as one of their types. Some are cute, and some are creepy, but which ones are worth adding to your collection?

As Pokémon trainers enter the Generation IX era, they rely on having the right information about their team. This article discusses the benefits of using the best bug-type Pokémon. Additionally, gamers list their top eight picks. 

Weighing All the User’s Stats: Benefits of Bug Types

Do bug types make good Pokémon Gen IX starters? Here are some basic characteristics you should consider when building your team:

The Well-Resisted Type Pokémon

Regular bug-type Pokémon are notoriously weak. In fact, they have the lowest base HP of any other type of Pokémon. Overall, most bug-types average around 57 HP, with 67 HP fully evolved.

In most cases, bug-type Pokémon have underwhelming DEF stats. Base scores float around 71 DEF and 65 Sp. DEF.

Despite their setbacks in defense, bug types can hold their own against fighting-type attackers. They are much less likely to suffer a KO in the early stages of a fight, giving them a valuable tactical advantage over offense-driven Pokémon types.

Psychic-type Pokémon don’t want to come toe-to-toe with a bug type. Although psychic Pokémon have the highest average Sp. Attack stat in the franchise, the best bug-type Pokémon are super effective at combating psychic sweepers with Same Type Attack Bonuses.

Bug-type Pokémon can also drain a target’s Sp. stats with unique attacks.

Bug Type Moves: Offense

Most bug-type Pokémon can only achieve half the damage as other types when attacking. However, when fully evolved, a bug-type Pokémon may be effective against teams with medium to low DEF stats. A basic bug-type attack may include:

  • Attack Order: In one of the most popular offensive bug-type moves, the user calls out Pokémon to attack. Critical hits land more consistently.
  • Bug Bite: The user bites the opposing Pokémon. If the opponent carries a Berry, the user eats it and absorbs its effects.
  • Fell Stinger: The attacking Pokémon can grow its attack stat after the user knocks out an opposing fighter.
  • Leech Life: The user’s mouth drains the target’s blood. Additionally, the user drains HP from the opponent. This attack is ideal for sustaining your Pokémon longer in battle.
  • Lunge: The user attacks by throwing itself at the opposing team. This move is excellent if you want to reduce the target’s attack stat.
  • Megahorn: The user rams head-first into the opposing Pokémon, causing significant damage to the target’s HP. Power varies depending on the Pokémon’s level.
  • Powder: The user covers the target Pokémon with an explosive and irritating powder. If the target attempts a fire-type move, it will take damage.
  • Savage Spin-Out: The user spits spider-web-like threads at the target. The trainer can use this move as a physical or special attack. The user binds the opposing Pokémon, lowering its overall capabilities.
  • Steamroller: The user crushes the opposing Pokémon with its body. A successful move can make the target flinch as well.
  • U-Turn: The user rushes back to the line of allies after completing an offensive move. Once the user scatters, it will switch places with another friendly Pokémon in the party.
  • X-Scissor: The user slashes the other Pokémon with its powerful claws. This attack is one of the most damaging bug-type moves.

Bug Pokémon have the lowest Sp. Attack stats compared to all other Pokémon types. Still, you may be able to land some critical hits with moves like:

  • Bug Buzz: The user attacks with an absolutely devastating sound clap that lowers the opponent’s DEF stat.
  • G-Max Befuddle: This move is ideal if you want to put your opponent into an asleep status condition or paralysis.
  • Infestation: The user damages the target for up to five turns with this lingering attack.
  • Pollen Puff: The user makes an attack with explosive pollen. Successful hits restore health for the rest of the party. Pokémon use this move with 100% accuracy.
  • Skitter Smack: The user skitters into an advantageous position to reduce the target’s SP Attack capabilities.
  • Spider Web: Bug-type Pokémon can spin a sticky net around their targets, preventing them from escaping. The user ensnares the opposing fighter at a max of 16 PP.

Bug Type Moves: Defense

Some bug-type moves enable users to restore their max HP or ATK stat quickly. This advantage can turn the tide of a battle when things aren’t looking good. Some defense moves include:

  • Defend Order: The user calls allies to protect it. Meanwhile, it increases its speed stat and defenses.
  • Heal Order: The user regains up to half its health with a well-timed heal order. The user’s HP will increase depending on their level.
  • Tail Glow: The user stares ahead and channels its speed attack. The Pokémon will perform much more quickly in future turns.
  • Quiver Dance: This move is great if you need to boost your user’s Sp. stat. The user weaves and sways into a dance while channeling their abilities.

As you can see, bug types may not be the fastest Pokémon by default. Still, the Pokémon company sure did give them some underrated benefits.

Top 8 Bug-Type Pokémon

Putting together the best bug-type Pokémon list wasn’t easy. Gamers consider attack, defense, and speed stats when choosing their party. Here are the top eight bug types you’ll want to catch:


Heracross certainly is a crowd-pleaser. This Pokémon made its debut during the Gold & Silver era. It has an impressive 125 ATK stat that can devastate a target. Its bulbous pinchers and blue rolled-up body are iconic.

The evolved Mega Heracross variation has a tough and impressive horn that will give it an extra physical attack advantage. Heracross is one of the best bug-type Pokémon on your team when you want to achieve quick knockouts in rapid succession.


Buzzwole is an Ultra Beast Pokémon with a great offensive and defensive balance. Trainers can enjoy dominating the gym with a 139 ATK and DEF stat. Additionally, Buzzwole stays in the fight with a 107 HP advantage.

Every time it makes a successful knockout, it increases its proficiency. Buzzwole is great for physical attacks, though its Sp. ATK stat falls short at 53.


Beedrill is one of the most recognizable bug-type Pokémon in the franchise. It appeared as far back as the Red & Blue era. Although the regular Beedrill isn’t much to look at, the evolved variation is one of the best bug-type Pokémon to use in battle.

Mega Beedrill can route a target team with its powerful 150 ATK stat. Additionally, this Pokémon’s 145 Speed stat allows it to make quick work of its targets before they can return significant damage.


Centiskorch quickly made a reputation for being one of the best bug-type Pokémon of Generation VIII. It is also a fire-type Pokémon with a 30% chance of causing automatic damage to the opposing team if its attacker lands a hit.

Centiskorch’s flame body and high Sp. ATK/Sp. DEF stats make a great addition to any trainer’s team.


Older players may remember how powerful Pinsir was in the earlier games. As an offensive pure bug-type Pokémon, Pinsir was an excellent choice for trainers who attack first and ask questions later. 

Still, this Pokémon could not evolve until the release of Pokémon X & Y. Now you can add a Mega Pinsir to your party.


It may crawl on six legs, but Galvantula is not a Pokémon you want to brush off. This bug type can attack quickly with a 108 Speed stat.

Trainers who prefer electric-type Pokémon should consider catching a Galvantula as soon as possible. One of its moves includes a damaging sound wave Thunder attack. This ability can cripple an opposing team’s defense and lead to quick knockouts.


Volcarona is one of the most vibrant bug-type Pokémon on the list. Even the Pokedex labels Volcarona the “Sun Pokémon” for its majestic, fire-type appearance. Look no further for a Pokémon with Sp. stat bonuses. 

It has a base 125 Sp. ATK and 105 Sp. DEF.


Scizor is another fan favorite that continues to impress players with its bug-type attack combos and 130 attack stat. The fully evolved Mega Scizor is more effective on the field. This Pokémon can wreak havoc with its high attack and Sp. DEF capabilities.

Mega Scizor has a coat of steel armor that makes it a frightening sight for those on the receiving end of attacks.

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